Among all the rooms in the house, kids’ rooms are certainly the most susceptible to becoming seasonal. Comparing to a kitchen layout, for example, kids’ interior concepts are short-lived and endlessly flexible, so it is no wonder why we are so eager to try our decorating skills and play designers in them so often. But however fun downloading ready-to-use trendy concepts from our Instagram feeds might be, nothing can beat the charm of a curated space. Mixing modern elements with vintage finds to acquire a truly unique look is on the rise, and we here today on a mission to inspire you to join this wonderful design movement and embrace vintage pieces into your little one’s room.

wooden vintage kids bed


vintage metal kids bed

Let’s start with the term itself. Usually, any piece of furniture, accessory etc. that was made during the period between the 1920’s and 1980’s and represents or defines the style of a specific period within those decades can earn the label “Vintage“. Or at least its replica. A perfect example would be the Eames chair (available in a kid’s size too), offspring of the 1950’s mid-century modern movement, a piece of furniture that defined an era and keeps proving that exceptional design is forever in style!

50 style vintage kid's room


One of the most important aspects of the vintage style is that it can be quite affordable and accessible to adopt. Old furnishings, for example, are usually not too expensive or difficult to purchase, especially the ones that aren’t in all perfect shape. But with just a small budget and a bit of effort invested, you can easily create a unique vintage style kid’s space. And unlike rooms with all modern furnishing, almost everything can be easily replaced, added or taken out without a burden on the wallet or much disturbance in the design. This allows for creativity and imagination to flourish!

vintage kids furniture


Modern design doesn’t give you nearly as much manoeuvrability as vintage. Because it is timeless and covers some seven turbulent decades worth of styles, from the 20’s Art Deco and 50’s Mid Century Modern, all the way to the 80’s Milano Memphis, you have a lot of tools at your disposal! You are able to select some vintage pieces from different eras, provided that your combination leads to a room with a cohesive or an eclectic look!

eclectic vintage kid's room


burgundy canopy for kids bed

swedish vintage kid's room



By embracing vintage in kids’ rooms, you’ll be doing good to the Earth as you’ll be preventing a perfectly good item from ending up in the trash just because its style is not on the magazines’ covers anymore, the woodwork is slightly damaged, or the paint started to peel off. Vintage pieces can influence the well-being of your kids as the materials used to make furniture back then were often much more natural than the ones today.

rattan vintage kids bed


last century kids bed


vintage kids desk



The passion for DIY projects is now stronger than ever as more and more people are starting to express themselves through their crafts on a quest for uniqueness, originality and timelessness. The vintage design gives us the ability to achieve all of this! To re-create or upcycle pieces with our own hands and come up with a unique and lasting place. And the most importantly, to teach our young ones to better value the things that surround them.

vintage girl's room

retro kid's room

sandberg wallpaper kids' rooms


idea diy kids desk


In today’s fast-moving society barely anything is meant to last, but vintage is forever as it already stood the test of time! And after all, some of today’s trends will become future classics. The trick is how to spot them.

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