Today we are touring the most unique and contemporary kid’s room we’ve yet discovered – belonging to a young lady named Kiki, almost six years old.. Her mother, Eva Goedegebuur, loved designing the rooms of her newly built family home located in Rotterdam, Netherlands. She used to be a corporate lawyer for more than a decade, but since the house was built, she decided to pursue her true passion for interior design and created her own company – Little Neighbours.

hide-in bed kid's room

Tell us more about your business! Why did you decide to focus more on kids’ rooms rather than adult interiors?

My business started after we finished our newly-build home. This house asked for a stylish yet child friendly interior, as we have three little kids. Most interior designers and stylists are focused on adult interiors. As a certified interior stylist, I decided to focus on child friendly interior. In other words, a focus on the whole family. A nice home for the parents as well as for the kids. This means that I also design other rooms in the house (besides to kids’ rooms), but my passion lies with kids interior. Kids interior has no borders. Your imagination can flow freely. With colours, wall paper, creative solutions, spaces to play and create. And I strongly believe that this is also important these days. Children are spending so much time on screens. My goal is to stimulate their creativity.

contemporary kid's room

Where do you get your design inspiration from?

I really like Instagram. Every day I get inspired on this medium. All brands launch their new collections on Instagram and I really like to follow interior minded people. But I still read the magazines as well. My house is full of magazines. And of course Pinterest, but I must admit that I use this medium mainly to search on specific items.

hide-aways in kids rooms

How does Kiki’s room relate to the rest of the family home?

The rooms of my kids all have the same seamless floor. I really love the warm grey colour of this floor which perfectly combines with the birch plywood. We used this plywood in all their rooms, using the same horizontal lines. Beautifully custom made by Woodchuck. The timber cladding on our house has horizontal lines as well, so it’s quite a theme for our house.

modern kids' rooms

Did you face any challenges decorating this space?

Kiki’s room is quite high (4 metres). And it’s a large room as well, so I immediately knew that I wanted to create a cosy space to sleep, a modern box bed. The swing is also perfect for this room. It fills the room in a light-hearted way.

I took the time to find all furniture and decoration, as I wanted to make sure that we bought all items for the long term, no hasty purchases. With the moon light of Zoë Rumeau, the flying swans of Sew Haert Felt England and the old pink colour on the wall, the room gives the feeling of the golden hour. I really love the atmosphere in her room.

built-in fitments kids rooms

How do you think the room will evolve as Kiki grows up?

I always strive to create sustainable designs. For this reason we have chosen a large bed size. She was only 4 years old when she used this bed for the first time, but we used many cushions and cuddles to make it a cosy space. It never felt too big. And this way she can use it till she leaves the house. Of course some day we will replace the cuddles and we will choose more teenaged decoration ☺

Her child desk will transform into a bench. We can place it somewhere else (in this room or in another room). And I think she will love a hanging chair instead of a swing.

What do you think about the current kids interior trends?

I like it! It seems that people pay more attention to the kids rooms and dare to choose for more colour and wall paper. I really like the different styles and trends. But still, balance is key.

mushroom kids stool chair

What would be your main piece of styling advice for a kid’s room?

First of all, look at your child and his or her personality. What does your child like? What are his or her favourite colours? Is your child dreamy, active? Make it a room where your child wants to play, to read and to sleep, and make it personal. In my designs, I always like to add something surprising to the room. Like a secret place to hide treasures. In general, swings or climbing frames are always a success (if possible in the room), playmats are always a good idea and enough storage options are a must. And last but not least, you can never have enough cushions ☺


Handmade box bed + child desk and wooden bench: Woodchuck I Moon lamp : Zoé Rumeau I Embroidery Hoop “Baby Moon” : Rio I Cherry garland + flag line : Meri Meri I Playmats : By Alex Playmats I Peacock chair : Leo & Moon I Mushroom pouf : Anne-Claire Petit I Round rainbow rug : Mushkane I Penguin storage basket : Bloomingville Mini I Wooden castle building set : Sarah and Bendrix I Little moon cushion (made from borg) + ochre yellow and light grey cushion (muslin with a handmade stitched print) : Bisou de Lou I Flying Swan Trio : Sewheart Felt I Sheet made with mustard Libert fabric (on sofa) : Coco Wolf I bedding with birds : Bibelotte Bedding

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