All kids have that special spot in their room where they enjoy spending time the most. Sometimes it’s a bed, sometimes it’s a window, but most often the flattering titles goes to their very own little play corner. Let’s assume your little ones have so far established that favourite spot, where their toys surround them and they are encompassed in an aura of joy. If that is not the case yet, check out this great article on how to create a perfect playroom first.

Now that we are all covered let’s continue by sharing a bunch of fun decor tips on how to up the play corner and make it even more attractive for the kids!


Play isn’t just limited to toys and games! If your kids are in love with books and magazines, they probably already have a place where they feel most comfortable reading. Encourage this wonderful habit of theirs by making it irresistible to leave the nook.

reading corner kid's room


First of all, make it comfy enough for spending an afternoon there, but not too tucked in, so it won’t make them fall asleep too quickly. Mix and match the cushions to create a casual combo. A few regular-shaped pillows, coupled with a knot cushion in a striking shade and/or a dreamy star pillow will make for a high invitation to kick off little shoes and indulge in a world of fantasy.

mr maria miffy lamp

A romantic canopy will provide privacy for daydreaming, but keep in mind the source of natural light while placing it. If natural light is lacking, add plenty of gorgeous artificial lights and let it illuminate the bookworm’s mind.

mustard yellow pouf

Surround the reading corner with easily reachable literature collection and remember – books are not just beautiful on the inside; they make for great decor pieces too.

decorative shelf kid's room


And if your child is still learning to read, place the ABC on the wall so they can easily check the letters they are yet to discover.

alphabet wall decals

abc board kid's room


To a lot of kids, much of the playtime consists of games where they imitate grown up’s everyday activities, chores and situations. If that is the case with your children, a play corner with, for example, a play kitchen, or food and drink stand is a must! The Duktig play kitchen is perfect for adding a personal touch to the play corner cause it offers almost limitless possibilities for hacking and decorating. But why just stop there! Spruce up the set with toy groceries, beverages or chalkboard for writing down the recipes. Don’t forget you also have the walls at your full disposal! Add hooks for utensils and towels, or hang garlands with fruits, vegetables and popsicles above. Make sure not to go totally crazy with colours here. To avoid hitting the busy look, opt for accent colours that will match the rest of the corner, or simply follow the colour family you’ve chosen for the room.

indi and bear instgaram

pink play kitchen

modern cool kids play kitchen

cute play corners



Turn each playtime into an adventure! Start with the walls by decorating them with scenic murals such as mountains, clouds, stars, or murals with animals, air balloons, dinosaurs, nature motifs and so on. Spice up the teepees, tents and canopies by adorning them with garlands made of stars, branches, flags or fairy lights and fill them with snuggly throws and blankets. Now, all that’s left is a play pretend campfire and someone to narrate a story. And we know who will be perfect for the job!

cute hide-in corner kid's room


blue kids play room


modern kids play room


no fred chairs


ideas reading corner kids room


creative play room


miffy lamp floor


Sit back and relax, or join your kids and let their imagination do the rest…



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