What are the colours that first pop up in your mind when you think about kids’ rooms? Blue, pink, yellow and red, right? And what about black? You’ve probably never thought about introducing dark shades in your kids’ interiors. Since we are dedicated to bringing you the very best in design and style, we are going to put aside the prejudices toward the colour and show you how edgy and striking a kid’s room can be when painted black.

black nursery room


dark paints nursery rooms


black in kids room

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wooden slide in kids room



Black and white. Yin and Yang. White obviously offers the best contrast to the black. Just ask the Scandinavians. This achromatic couple is always in vogue and is probably the easiest way to embrace minimalism in kid’s space. Black and white carry along seemingly effortless look and act simultaneously as a subdued neutral and a statement-maker. If you loved white rooms with pops of black, take a look at their negative – kids’ rooms with black walls and pops of white. Black is actually a friendly, soothing and cosy colour, just perfect for the walls. And nearly all the furniture and accessories in the room can be white. To master the look, add some grey tones to make the transition between the two colours more natural.

 But, if you decide to paint all four walls in black, make sure the room is big enough, has a lot of natural light and preferably high ceilings. Sometimes the look can be pulled off even in a small space if all the elements are chosen carefully to contrast and enhance the effect of dark walls. This rule also applies to the following option.

black baby cot


wooden furniture with dark walls


moon design in nursery


slide in nursery room


dark kid's rooms

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Black walls do not take away youthfulness from the kid’s room; they only add more personality to it. And just like a white or any neutral wall, black acts as a modern and elegant backdrop for introducing all the colours of the rainbow, even the ultimate kid’s room colour palette – pastels.

black and pops of colour kids room


black walls childrens room


eclectic kids room black


dark paint in childrens rooms


dar grey walls kids rooms



Still not convinced or does the idea of painting all four walls in black seem nevertheless too overwhelming? No problem! How about just one accent wall then? Remember, it’s still a bold move! With a black accent wall, you are still going to need a strong contrast if you don’t want the room to be too dark. Pair the accent wall with white ones (or any other light shade), and let the furniture do the contrasting. On the other hand, accessories are going to pop up nicely on the black accent wall.

cool headboard kids room


miffy monochrome


black for a baby room



If you find black walls dull, you could always bring in the colour with a unique pattern. Or turn the creative volume up a notch and instead of using plain black paint, apply chalkboard paint and let your little one do its magic with colourful chalks. Go big and simply blow your kid’s mind in the process by doing this to all four walls! Are you up to it?

wooden housebed


kids desk for sharing


unusual kids spaces


Admit it! After reading the title of the article, you hesitated from opening it because you never thought that black could to such wonder in a kid’s room. Hope we shined some light for you on the subject of dark kids’ interiors!

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