Winter is here and what better way to embrace the season of ice and snow here at Kids’ Interiors than with an article devoted to pure white children’s rooms. You may probably be thinking – it’s the coldest time of the year! We should be talking about warm, vibrant colours, not whites. It’s freezing enough outside! Don’t be fooled, because contrary to popular belief, such rooms are anything but frosty, nor boring. You’ll soon be convinced that the only thing they have in common with winter are the colours we usually associate with this time of the year. Grab a hot cup of tea and make yourself comfortable, because we are going to show you how to make the “all-white” look work effectively in your kid’s room with a bunch of handy tips.

snow white kids rooms

paulina arcklin kids room

pauliina arcklin


Not all whites are created equal! The colour comes in a whole lot of shades, from warm ones like eggshell and cottage whites to cooler whites as can be seen on much of the wedding dresses. So, by carefully selecting your paint, you can evoke different moods in your all-white kid’s room. Hues that have warmer undertones will give off a snug feeling, perfect for a cozy nook with a fluffy rug, full of pillows. On the other hand, hues with cooler undertones are going to radiate with freshness creating a pristine atmosphere. And you can actually make things more interesting by mixing different shades to create a unique visual appeal.

white childrens room

all-white kids rooms

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Above all, texture is most welcome in all-white kids’ rooms because it provides visual interest to an altogether uniform space. You can easily bring it in through area rugs, different textiles, cushions and curtains. White washed wood furniture, or various patterned wallpapers could also be a great way to add texture, especially in these kinds of rooms. And if you wish to bring a bit of nature in at the same time, greenery works as well.

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Worried about your all-white little one’s rooms looking too sterile? Just as greenery will breathe additional life into a white room, here, wood is in charge of bringing warmth more than in any other interior. Wood perfectly complements the white hues! Like with our today’s star colour, wood comes in tons of shades and textures – dark, light, grey… But if you are chasing the Scandi all-white style, lighter shades such as distressed or reclaimed wood is a must!

moon decor kids room

studio bibi

No Fred chair


white bunkbed

natural wood décor

white kids furniture

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Let your inner personality shine through accents! If you still think a kid’s room ought to contain vivacious, bright colours or even gentle pastels, the white palette certainly won’t get in your way. Don’t shy away from throwing in a few bright and bold pieces to serve as accents. When you think about it, such rooms will act as a perfect background! While they could get camouflaged in a colourful space, in an all-white one, they are the stars.

white floorboards

painted white furniture

cool toybags

white wallpaper with dots


white and pink girls rooms


Still think all-white kids’ rooms are cold and boring?

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