It is no secret that our little bundles of energy require daily dose of exercise in their lives. Regular physical activity provides a valve through which they release all the accumulated steam, helping to lower their anxiety, abolish mood-swings and open the road to a healthier lifestyle. Unlike their counterparts living in the suburbs, city kids often lack the luxury of running around in the backyard whenever they wish for it. Playgrounds and parks are always an option, but there are plenty of times the weather won’t cooperate, or you just won’t have the opportunity to squeeze in a workout and burn off the busy little bee’s energy.

Well, that energy has to go somewhere! So, we’ve been searching high and low and found some exciting ways for kids to get that much-needed exercise without leaving their rooms!


With climbing holds your kids will be able to scale mountains in the safe environment of their bedrooms. It’s the ultimate exercise because the little alpinists are going to harness all their muscles trying to get to the summit and later back down. Placing all the holds can be a bit time-consuming due to all the drilling it requires, but while you’re at it make a few extra holes. That way you could change the layout of the holders and create the feeling of a whole new mountain ready to be mastered.

climbing wall for kid's room

rock climbing for children

indoor sports for kids



Remember gym class and how you used to love dangling from those rows of wall bars? Well, little has changed today, kids still find them irresistible! Also known as Swedish bars, because they were invented by a Swedish teacher, the bars have been used by gymnasts for stretching and other exercises since the 19th century and they will still serve their purpose in 21st-century kids’ room. They occupy very little space, but they will keep your children occupied for sure!

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gynastic wall bars for kid's room


Gymnast rings are perfect for taking a healthy homework break and clearing the mind. Instead of reaching out for the remote control, your kid will be reaching out for the rings, and instead of contorting their spine further, they are going to stretch and relax it.

indoor gymnastics for kids

gymnast rings for the kid's room


indoor gymnastics for kids



If you really want to make an impression on your child, take the most fun parts of the playground and put it in their bedroom. A tire swing suspended from the ceiling is an inexhaustible source of active fun and believe it or not, you don’t need a bulky room for it. If the place is lucky enough to be occupied by more than one resident, a teeter may be a better option. It’s an activity both siblings can enjoy together, while at the same time encouraging one another to exercise.

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In the end, a simple climbing rope or rope ladder hanging from above will also do! “Give me a place to stand, and I shall move the Earth“, is the philosophy kids go by meaning that they don’t require much to drive them into action.

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indoor gymnastics for children

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Depending on the room’s size, free space and your kids’ appetite for exercise at least one of these options is sure to help keep those little bodies healthy and fit throughout the year!

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