The Christmas countdown is well underway and all over the world excited little people are eagerly awaiting the arrival of magical stockings at the end of their upcycled beds. The dark evenings arrive early, accompanied by the comforting aromas of baked gingerbread, hot chocolate and sugar-dusted mince pies. It can mean only one thing! It’s time for Kids Interiors’ annual Top Ten Winter Rooms. Feast your eyes on this collection of cosy chambres and celebrate the ingenious design details that make them as magical as the wintry night sky.


Icy blues and rich navy combine with Newbie Lovers’ Forest Friends wallpaper to create fairytale wintry vibes in this beautiful boy’s room. Hanging star garlands draped around the glittery canopy teamed with the moon light by @lights.and.dreams lend a magical quality. Add a circus bear, a classic Mrs Mighetto print, and a swooping stork by @lovemedecoration, and this kid’s room is the stuff of dreams. Even the pillow by declares so!


We love design mum, Esther’s guiding principle when it comes to interior design – “Less is bore!” Aside from her eclectic approach, she definitely has a penchant for a pop of pink, evidenced on the tiny squares that breathe life into her Insta grid. It’s a skilful touch that takes this amount of detail, print and colour yet still maintains an air of tranquility. The backdrop begins with a bold wallpaper – Pimpernel from Morris & Co. From there, Esther adds wonderful little design touches. Take the storage baskets from @DoingGoods, for example. The print isn’t quite a match for the wallpaper, but placing them in the upcycled sugar plum cabinet creates enough space to make them work. A pink sky castle print by @destrekenvanagnes mirrors the contours of the magical canopy while picking out the vibrant pink of the moon cushion by @playatslaep. Less is bore indeed.


Busy equals beautiful in this mix of modern and traditional styling. Sandberg’s Linnea Green wallpaper offers a comforting burst of blooming beauty with an abundance of winter-flowering clematis and honeysuckle. This feels like the perfect space to retreat on chilly days, a throwback to weekend escapes at Granny’s house or a country retreat. How ingenious is the framing of the top-hatted Grace Goose by @lovemedecoration?


This is WOW winter grandeur on another scale. Sandberg’s Ava wallpaper in dark blue creates depth and warmth, intensified by layers of textiles and intricate detail. There’s whimsy aplenty with Mrs Mighetto’s framed Dear Whalie print and Big Stuffed’s wonderful oversized octopus. A pre-loved doll’s house sourced locally is given a lick of paint to match the wallpaper tonally; it’s completely at home amongst a sea of cool grey, dusty rose and cream. This sweet room is so full of elegance and charm.


Warming browns and cosy creams envelop this space in a reassuring Scandi embrace. A neutral palette keeps the focus on the textiles – of note, a candy cushion by @moi_mili and a night star in mottled beige from Garbo and Friends deliver the only sprinkle of print with their Blackberry bed linen, teamed with a linen canopy to shroud the Petite Amelie bed. There are lots of creature comforts in this space – OyOy’s Hopsi Rabbit rug, Senger Naturwelt’s sleepy goose and a darling bear family print by @tedandtone


A touch of English charm, a generous helping of whimsy, and a little woodland influence, create a charming space of sepia tones and wintry blooms. We love the continuation of the Vintage Rose Igusia print in the matching bed linen and wallpaper. It brings a wonderful antique quality to the room, intensified by the dusky rose pillows and tonally-matched mouse. What we adore most is the lit Victorian doll house. For us, it conjures up cobbled streets at dusk in Dickensian stories and fits perfectly into this beautiful boho girl’s room.


This night-sky-themed room has our heads in the clouds and makes us feel a little starstruck. Thankfully, the house bed keeps matters grounded with its low-level mattress and an abundance of simple white linen and textiles. The latter echoes the floaty feeling of the padded cloud wall art above and chimes with the vast expanse of diaphanous voile curtains. The mono palette here is sublime and works effortlessly to reinforce the theme.


There are nooks, and then there are the nooks of dreams. We’ll let you decide which one this dreamy boy’s bedroom fits into! Lux’s favourite colour, blue, was the inspiration behind his choice of wallpaper – Stag Toile Juniper by Little Greene. The rich floral woodland scene works in harmony with the toffee tones and cinnamon hues of the canopy and wooden bed – bringing all the cosy feels with it.


Here’s a sneak peek of one side of this dainty beige room; it, in fact, belongs to twins Elena and Rozalka. What you see is a mirror image of the same tonally-twinned feminine perfection created by interior designer and mummy Klaudia. Velvety plaited bed guards encase the dotty bed linen on the IKEA Minnen beds while putty, pleated canopies provide a little privacy for quiet time in this shared room of neutral bliss. Detail is almost always what makes a standout room design and it doesn’t always have to one prominent feature. In this room, frills play a key role in providing a tender touch. They’re there in the bedlinen, the canopy top, ballerina wall hanging and doll – like an invisible string pulling this whole concept together.


Winter equals cosy and nothing says cosy quite like a tucked-away nook. Finding the right furniture for tight spaces can often be a challenge, but this secondhand market find fits the space and design ethos perfectly. Painted with grey-green linen oil paint from Ottison’s paint factory, the vintage pull-out sofa bed is restored to its former glory and sits proud against the backdrop of Boråstapeter’s gorgeous ruffled rose-print Nomi wallpaper. Meanwhile a pistachio canopy adds another level of grandeur, joining the charmed angles and corners that make this room so unique.

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