It’s time to add a little Spring fever to your little ones’ spaces. Think splashes of green to represent new shoots of growth and blooming glorious floral wallpaper. Perhaps you’ll opt for elements of nature or a vacation vibe.

The choice is all yours, but before you reach for the paint pot or sketch out a new room design, lose yourself in our edit of the top ten Insta rooms for Spring. There’s a mix of girls’ and boys’ rooms to reawaken your interior’s appetite. Enjoy!


A burst of botanical joy brings the Spring feels into the welcoming corner of this little girl’s room. Sandberg’s Emily Garden Green wallpaper dresses the walls in a floral beauty that’s so vivid you can almost smell the blooms. The creator, Anna, wanted to invoke a vintage feel, so she used almost exclusively antique furniture. The cantering, grey-dappled rocking horse resulted from a patient waiting game and was worth the six months it took to find. A swift lick of fern green paint to its rocker sets it free in a virtual pasture of fresh grass. A dash of peachy blush in the tasselled canopy adds a final flourish to this beautiful, feminine girl’s room.


A quick peek at Kasia’s verdant grid reinforces a love of foliage and nature, plus a zest for reusing and upcycling. Cuba’s botanical room is no exception. The IKEA Kura bed is fourth-hand, the refurbished bedroom door is over forty years old, and the green wall panels are daubed in a mixture of green and beige paint remnants. There’s even a vintage candlewick throw picked up at a market.

The nature theme comes to life in a flock of stickered ducks residing among the bulrushes, and there’s a green-fingered touch to the bedlinen too. A collection of wooden toadstools sits pretty on a deep-pile mushroom rug, while a seedling box is cleverly repurposed for storage.


A palette of contrast pastels laden with abundant soft furnishings creates a super-cosy spot in this uber-stylish kid’s room. The muted colour scheme creates calm, but there’s a sense of energy in the swallows on the wall and the ‘birds in flight’ quilted blanket by @fermlivingkids. There’s also a beautiful chaos in the textiles with a mix of playful polka dots and pom poms teamed with cheeky checks. The game changer here is the Scandi-inspired Jimi day bed by @laredouteinterieurs in a cutesy candy pink. It channels grown-up vibes but keeps the room rooted in a beautiful childish charm.


Arlo and Co declare this pre-teen bedroom a Slam Dunk with their bamboo words plaque. An evergreen ‘on the dotted line’ wallpaper print by @templeandwebster lends a masculine but timeless feel, setting the stage for all the additions. Modern slatted bedside tables add a college feel with a hemp navy and natural check throw by @adairs to match. Of course, there’s more basketball revelry in the wall art by @society6 and an apt cushion by @typo_australia. When it comes to grown-up cribs full of personality, this creation is a total baller!


Oh my, a room reminiscent of a favourite childhood dessert. The velvet-panelled ‘sponge finger’ wall gives us dreamy trifle vibes and hints at an indulgent, carefree summer ahead. The delicate composition of the mattress, cushions and a chocolately throw create the trifle layers. At the same time, a lone bolster pillow at the foot of the bed adds an exquisite chaise longue aesthetic. We love how the illuminated kitty appears to be pursuing the scrunched pendant lights, doubling up as oversized floral blooms. It’s delicious from every angle.


Noah’s room is a virtual escape beachside to catch the surf and a dose of Vitamin Sea. Before we even start the composition, it’s worth noting the total gift of a warming shaft of sunlight cascading in across the palm tree bed linen by @kmartaus. A colour-blocked wall in Daintree Beauty by @britishpaints adds a touch of classic charm augmented by those wonderfully textured checkerboard cushions. There’s a touch of the industrial in the tangerine bedside cabinet and a nod to skater-boy vibes in the wall art, plus a groovy name deck by @ollie_name_decks


We love the delicate explosion of ‘Juniper Blue’ flowers in Lucy’s room, expertly delivered by Rocky Mountains’ peel-and-stick wallpaper. This pretty in pink room feels like a modern take on a vacation stay at Granny’s. There’s palpable nostalgia in the old school dorm bed teamed with gingham bed linen and a sprig of peachy perfect dried meadow flowers. There’s more spring-like detail in the daisy drawer handles of the rattan sideboard watched over by the delightful Olivia the Owl in a framed print by


Isaac’s sun-drenched tricolore room is a total delight, and the colours, if you’re curious, are Valspar’s State Secret, Blue Fescue and Tidy White. It’s an icy palette that gives off cool vibes, but the expert styling adds layers of warmth and security like a familiar snuggly blanket. The feature wall is clearly the show’s star, but we love the cosy canopy nook and the Nordic Forest bedding by @averyrowlondon.


When your name is Primrose, and you live at Wallflower Cottage, you’ll never have a run-of-the-mill bedroom! Mum, Jenny has extended her love of country charm to little Miss P’s adorable sanctuary. A former changing table gets the whitewash treatment to create a distressed vintage look. It fits with the metal-framed dormitory-style bed, adorned with Newbie’s Forest print bedding and shrouded in a spectacular plaid canopy. An assortment of artfully placed accessories and dressings add a deliberate cosy clutter to the space. It’s girly, gorgeous, and all yours to steal inspo from.


Jesse’s compact sepia-toned is packed with adorable detail and dressings to fawn over, but where to start? A @wigiwama cookie beanbag is always a welcome sight, and it seems a weary Maileg thinks so too. Zone in just above the colour-blocked wall, and you’ll spy the beech wood calendar by @moon.picnic – a fantastic way to mark the days of the week, moods and seasons with interactive magnetic discs. If the sensory overload gets too much, those vehicle-emblazoned sheets by are waiting to envelop tired limbs and busy minds.

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