If you’re an expecting mother, then a moses basket is probably on your top buying list. They’re so pretty and it’s only natural that you would want the best of everything. On Instagram, you’ll find tons of dreamy photos with babies in these baskets with beautiful sheets in adorable settings. But have you really given any thought to if it’s worth investing in one?

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First thing you would need to consider is the limited of time you’ll be using it. They’re only suitable for the first few months of a baby’s life – as soon as your baby starts to push up onto their hands and knees without your help then they should really make the transition to a cot. For some babies this starts at three months, and rarely after six months.

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Baskets with short handles are also not suitable for transporting while your baby is inside (and many of them have short handles, especially the traditional ones in wicker or seagrass).

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However, the pros outweigh the cons. First of all, they’re just so cute and bring about that traditional and charming feel. They’re also cheaper than a baby crib. New parents love to be able to move from room to room and keeping their little precious love close to them. Some Moses baskets come with a stand, either free-folding that are easy for storage or rocking versions.

traditional wicker moses basket


Here is our check-list before buying the perfect Moses basket:

  • Is it made out of practical material? Wicker is a sturdy choice, but if you want a basket that you can clean more easily, look for fabric or plastic versions. These are often safer and you won’t get the wicker noises.
  • Does it come with a well-fitting supportive mattress? (It shouldn’t be thinner than 5cm) If it doesn’t, make sure the basket will hold a standard size mattress, 66cm or 75cm long and 28cm wide. If it comes with a mattress, ask if it will fit standard sized bedding or where you can find bedding that will fit.
  • Ensure the handles are comfortable allowing a good grip and that handles meet in the middle so it can be carried safely. They should also fold down outside the basket so they don’t flop onto your baby.
  • Ask if the basket comes with a stand that is sure to fit the basket.
  • Check the weight ( a new mum is still recovering and shouldn’t lift bulky and heavy items)
  • Consider getting a basket with a hood to keep your baby shaded and cool.
  • Ask if it conforms to any safety standards in your country. In the UK, it will be the British Standard BS EN 1466:2014.
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    rattan moses basket


    Planning for your new baby can be a worrying task, especially for new parents. There is so much to think of – decorating the nursery, finding the buggy and car-seat, buying clothes, blankets, feeding bottles..maybe also organising a babyshower party? So sit down and make lists well in beforehand, so you don’t buy things you regret and feel stressed about not sticking to your budget.



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