Tilda is a ten years old girl who lives with her parents in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. When the Max and Duke kids interior design studio was commissioned to design her new girl’s room then Tilda’s interest and hobbies were placed at the heart of the design process. The vision of the room imagined by Tilda’s parents was also discussed and a Pinterest album was put together with all their ideas (specifically a hanging chair). They then sat with Tilda, took her through the images and determined a colour scheme, which hanging chair she liked as well as smaller items. The final result is a unique, modern and utterly stylish girl’s room.

pale blue girls room

Pale blue is maybe not the first colour you would think of for girls bedrooms’ walls but is a great choice if you’re looking for modernity and freshness. Keep this paleblue as a calming backdrop colour only and try not to match anything else with the same pale blue as the Max and Duke kids interior studio has done. Choose accessories in more tonic hues such as turquoise or even minty blues to give everything a spark. If you want to avoid the too girly-look then coral peach is a great alternative to the traditional candyfloss pink. This colour can also break the sweety look if pale pink has already been introduced into the room by just placing a cushion on the bed for example.

armchair in girls room

Tilda loves the outdoors so the designers brought some of the outdoors inside by hanging a garden style hanging chair in a corner and by including two hand crafted tree stump side tables by For the Love of Timber.

horse poster

Tilda rides almost every weekend and so one of the challenges for the designers was to find a stunning horse photograph. They worked closely with Tilda (& her parents) to find the perfect one – they finally went with a Calico Pony photograph which blew everyone’s socks off when they got it back from the framers!

origami mobile

  By touring Tilda’s room pre-restyle, the designers noticed she loved origami so they found a girl in Canberra to custom make an origami crane mobile for the new space in keeping with the new colour scheme.

pale blue grey girlsroom

We absolultely love the idea of hanging a feather garland at the end of the bed.

coral peach cushion

A pony print on one of the pillows blends in perfectly with contemporary patterns and designs on the other pillows. The princess textile doll guards the bed while the queen is playing outside!

white hanging armchair

All the white fluff (on the pompoms, feathers and on the white blanket in armchair) adds softness and a dreamy-like feel to the room.

white cane hanging lounge chair

wanderer cushion

Every girl should have a place to wander and dream..

pony print pillows

designer girlsroom

 The girl sitting on the bed is Tilda and the one having a blast in the hanging chair is her friend who happened to be there when the room was revealed. It was certainly a hit with them both!

Source List

Hanging chair : Byron Bay I Wander cushion : Pony Rider I Round white cushion (in hanging chair) : Piper & I I S Shelf : Rafa Kids I Stump side tables : For the Love of Timber I Rug : Armadillo & Co I Mint throw on bed : SackMe! I Storage baskets with pompoms  & tambourine : Amigos de Hoy I White merino knit : Closely Knit I Peach bedding : Cam Cam Copenhagen I Feather garland : Poppies for Grace I Horse print : Calico Pony I Hanging coloured lights (custom-made) : Lummi & Co

About Max and Duke Studio

Amy McBride and Bianca Helena are two mothers that bubble with creativity and style! They have a real passion for detail and will create a unique space or party for your little one while you sit back enjoying it all unfolding right before your eyes. If you wish to find out more about their services (product styling, baby showers events, photo shoots etc) then we invite you visit their website just here

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