Every year it seems like as soon as they arrive, the summer holidays are over and it’s time to hit the books once again. With the start of the new school year, studying takes away a portion of the playtime, chair and desk replace the floor and crayons and papers take over from toys. For this transition to be as painless as possible you will need more than just a comfy chair and good lighting. You are going to have to put together a study space that is going to reach out to your children and help them settle back into their routines. Quiet, inspirational, fun, well organized with lots of storage, these are just some of the traits a good study area requires. Motivate your little schoolgirls and schoolboys with these tips for creating a perfect study nook and remind them just how much fun learning and doing homework can be.

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From an early age, even before primary school, kids should have a place where they can sit and draw. This way they will find it much easier to create a habit of sitting and learning later on, whether at home or school. A small, cute desk and chair look practically irresistible, but if you are looking for a more long term solution, a normal desk with an adjustable chair would be a better option. So, as your child grows, this space will evolve to become a study area.

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oliver furniture

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In order to prevent the young mind from being distracted during study time, colours should be chosen very carefully. According to colour psychology, certain paint shades are actually better choices for spaces where studying is done because of the way that they can affect kid’s mood. Avoid using vibrant shades and opt for more calming neutrals such as creams, greys, whites and pale yellows or pastels. These soft hues have been proven to enhance concentration and prevent eye fatigue thus fostering a perfect peaceful working environment.

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When choosing furniture or creating a layout for a study area, make sure you allow for plenty of storage. Kids have to carry heavy bags full of textbooks, notebooks and other school paraphernalia around with them, and having a place to store these when not in use will ensure a bedroom that is organized and uncluttered.

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When you think about it, a child’s bedroom is probably the worst place to study in. Toys, colourful wallpapers and other such accessories make for a constant distraction, don’t they? However, by separating the study area visually your child is going to experience fewer distractions helping him stay focused while doing homework. So, the play zone should always be arranged as far as possible from the study area.

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A lamp and pencil box is the starter kit of every work place, including those of the youngest. But if you throw in a globe, periodic table or a bunch of charts into the game, you are surely going to boost their interest in geography, chemistry and other subjects.

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Cover the wall in front of the desk with cork tiles, pegboards or chalkboard paint for pinning and inscribing reminders, timetables and even motivational messages and artwork. Now you can rest assured that your kid will never forget his homework, assignments or tests ever again!

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The study area is a kind of sanctuary of knowledge for the little ones and who knows what future scientist or lawyers it is going to harbour..

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