As your child grows older, his needs and tastes change and you as a parent will be thinking of ways of udating his room. This can be a real headache if you’re not super keen on spending your next weekend in diy overalls, with paint buckets and plastic sheets all over the place, with paint and dust as a bonus in your face and hair! You might also be wondering what you will be doing will all the existing stuff – selling them requires hours of photography and placing ads, whilst giving them away to charity might pinch your heart..

striped kids wallpaper


There’s quite a lot involved with redecorating a kid’s room, but don’t despair, we are here to help you with a few tricks, to give the kid’s room a new look with minimum effort.

Switch up the cushions – Adding cushions is a great way to add colour and texture in an instant, and the impact they create is often surprising. You might want to consider taking away heavier, darker cushions that were cosier in the winter and replacing them with light and fresh versions for the spring and summer. If the room seems a bit dull, then adding just one or two cushions will be enough to add a colour splash , changing the whole general look.

bright yellow in kid's room


kid's housebed canopy


Edit the clutter – Handcrafted toys are just so beautiful nowadays that parents like to display them as decorative elements a little bit everywhere in the kid’s room when the children aren’t busy playing with them – on furniture, shelves and even on the floor. But too many things into a room can make it feel smaller. Some toys might still look beautiful, but aren’t in line with your child’s age anymore and need to be tucked away. Wooden blocks with illustrated animals certainly look super cute, but if your child already knows what a lion or turtle is, you might want to consider making place for books instead. Baby mobiles over the bed aren’t necessary either after the age of two. You can also ask your child if he is fine with removing a few tired plushtoys, and suggest a few educative toys instead.

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Add Decals – These affordable décor details can really transform a space with the tiniest effort and are a great alternative to wallpaper. All you have to do, is have fun choosing a design with your child and stick it to the wall! Usually, they don’t damage the walls when removed, so you can update the style of the kid’s room as often as you like, by just changing designs.

pink flower decals


green and white baby nursery room


Update the artwork – There will be a time when the cute baby illustrations will look out of place .By the age of four, your child might have new hobbies. Whether it is riding, or collecting cars, you’re sure to find some stylish posters that are more in line with his age and interests. Try Etsy for example, where you can find tons of black and white photographs in any possible theme or vintage style posters. You can also go for fun phrases, that fit with your child’s character such as “Born to be Wild” or “Keep Calm and Sparkle On”.

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contemporary teenage room ideas


Roll out a Rug – Even if you already have a rug, you could consider buying another that you can place while the first one is being washed. In that way, the kid’s room will always have two different styles, especially if you change the cushions at the same time as the rug. Placing a smaller rug over another or over a carpet, can also be a way of creating dimension in terms of size and colour.

vintage pink girl's room


round lilac kid's rug


striped rug baby nursery


Paint a furniture – Don’t worry, even if you happen to be phobic to Diy – anyone with a paint brush and a positive mindset can get to grips with updating an old furniture. A lick of paint won’t cost you a fortune either.

painted nursery furniture


painted kids furniture


Paint a wall – We know it sounds obvious, but never underestimate the transformative powers of paint. You don’t have to paint the whole room, even painting just one wall will make a huge difference. Just make sure you make a test patch first, as the colour you saw on the colour chart in the store, might look totally different once up on the wall, depending on the light in the room.

blue wall boy's room


rattan kids bed


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