Children’s bedrooms that strike the perfect balance of stylish, playful and innocent are our favourite, so it is a real treat to explore five-year-old Josefine’s schlafzimmer. A heavenly mix of girlie pink complemented perfectly by earthy tones, and lots of nods to nature make it a nurturing space with lots of subtle educational undertones.

The creator of this marvel is Louisa, a 34-year-old mother of two daughters with a baby son due in the Autumn. Louisa lives on the outskirts of Cologne with her husband Roman and the family Goldie, Frida.

In her own words, Louisa says, “I have a weakness for cosy furnishings, children’s room design and accessories, beautiful flowers and handicrafts.”

As you embark on this room tour with us, you’ll see for yourself that this couldn’t be more true!

girl's room with housebed

Josefine transitioned from her nursery into this room at three years old, and according to Louisa, it has been a work in progress ever since. The colour palette is mellow and soothing, perfect for sleep but a great space to relax and read.

The layering of decorative floor mattresses creates a perfect spot for quiet time. We love how Louisa has combined the contrasting prints of these Verbaudet cushions; the ethnic mustard stripes balanced by the delicate blush polka dot print. The candy-pink crate makes a perfect bookcase with ample room for oversized works of wonder, and the light source from an adjacent window casts a lovely glow over the reading space.

string light for kid's room

The first item Louisa bought for Josefine’s bedroom was the dolls house. Another IKEA classic, Louisa has made FLISAT their own with a neutral paint job and by utilising as a shelf for Josefine’s favourite little treasures.

Almost a home within a home, the dolls house is framed beautifully with touches of nature; a cascade of butterflies, a glittering gold star garland anchored on one point, a splash of rainbow macramé and the graceful hummingbird wall light.

And did you spot those eyelashes on the wall? Such a simple addition but one that seems to breathe life and personality into the bed, lulling the occupant to sleepy dreamland.

ikea playkitchen hack rattan

The latest evolution of Josefine’s room materialised during the Coronavirus lockdown period in May. The doll ‘cuddle corner’ was given a redesign and Josefine began to show her mother’s flair for interior finesse, choosing the floral wallpaper herself, along with some of the cushions tucked away under the dreamy blush canopy. The eternal search for the perfect rug bore fruit in the form of Nattiot Rugs’ Octave in mango; a stunning handmade natural floor covering resembling the sun with its plaited tassels.

The IKEA kitchen has had the requisite renovation and sports a fabulous shabby-chic café menu, inspired fuel for imaginative role play.

pink canopy girl's room

Louisa’s impeccable styling is evident in everything she touches, including Josefine’s own wardrobe. Here, our little ballerina sports a mustard dungaree skirt with a subtle leaf print, fitting for her natural surroundings. Meanwhile, the linen stork swoops past the ‘cuddle corner’ with grace, and we get to see the wallpaper in all of its glory, witnessing the vintage tone it adds to the bedroom.

boho chic girl's room

Nature abounds in Josefine’s room; not just in the aesthetic but in the choice of dressings with a pleasing absence of plastics. Ceramic flowerpots and vase and the exquisite handmade pouring teapot atop the DUKTIG kitchen add a childish take on grown-up living. The wooden camera begs to be picked up to snap this perfection of childhood simplicity.

brown leafy wallpaper

There are discreet touches of ‘zoning’ in Josefine’s room, offering the freedom for creative play and expression while adding beautiful decorative detail. We’re in love with the modern take on the kid’s classic puppet theatre, an inventive way to add a functional feature to a plain wall.

We also get a glimpse here of Louisa’s own creative talents and love of flora and fauna in the stunning wreath hoop and ivy-clad tree-branch ladder. The foliage brings an excellent earthy contrast to the powder-pink walls.

It’s not just the colour palette and larger design features of this room that create the overall feel. It’s the careful selection of many small features that tie together so seamlessly. Louisa is a huge fan of rattan and has liberally sprinkled the room with an abundance of natural materials. Delicate touches of colour in the games compendium, book cover and rainbow create an optimistic ambience. The place feels full of sunshine but without the presence of garish colour.

boho kids décor

One of the most significant expenditures of Josefine’s room was the Cam Cam Copenhagen Harlequin doll’s wardrobe, reinforcing how integral the baby dolls are to the room design. The open diamond trellis-effect door allows a peek into their clothing collection, and we love the mustard cloud-print doll carrier, perfect for caring little doll mummies.

The attention to detail looks natural and unplanned, but it’s clear that it comes from a creative design mind. Take the mirroring of the moon accessories or the way the mini bedspread matches the rainbow wall decorations.

Cam Cam Copenhagen dollhouse

As we peak into this dreamy abode, we see the real masterpiece of the room. Roman, Josefine’s father lovingly crafted the house bed. We adore the built-in bed guard that conjures up images of the perfect white picket fence of childhood dreams. Again, we see evidence of the layers of Louisa’s detailing in the mini canopy on the doll’s bed and the way that the mini dolls house echoes Josefine’s bed. Louisa hopes that Roman’s handiwork becomes something of a family heirloom and will be passed down to the latest addition to the family when Josefine outgrows it.

vintage boho girl's room

The epitome of boho chic, Josefine proudly stands by the leafy wallpaper she chose herself with the wreath hoop created by her mother.

handmade flower wreath

Josefine’s bedroom feels like the physical expression of sugar and spice; a pale pink canvas with stylish dashes of mustard and nutmeg flourishes of flora and fauna and grounding, earthy materials.

There’s an absence of overbearing furniture that would dominate the space and instead a collection of pretty baskets and smart storage solutions. Louisa loves the @Aykasa crates that can be quickly rearranged or conveniently scooped up and taken with you.  In fact, it’s one of her styling and storage tips to use smart storage in place of large closets.

Louisa knows that the room will evolve as Josefine grows up, but her wish is that it will remain cosy, dreamy and creative. Somehow we just know it will.

Thank you Louisa! @_fraeulein_t


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