Sharing a room out of choice and not necessity can lead to a strong bond between siblings that will serve them well later in life. Occupying the same space can help to foster mutual respect for each other’s possessions and physical zones as well as providing the perfect forum for midnight feasts and the sharing of secrets and fantastical storytelling. It lays the foundations for early negotiation skills and conflict resolution and offers the sweet security of a sleeping companion to head to dreamland with.

And two siblings who can testify to that belong to the Garner Girl Gang. As well as boasting one of the most heavenly girls’ bedrooms’ we’ve seen, they are proud to claim Simone as their multi-talented mother.

Simone of @dayswithwildflowers lives in a period home in Victoria, Australia with her two girls, Cove (4) and Fern (2). She works full time in the area of employment law and compliance but has a zest for interiors and styling that has only intensified as her children have grown.  A house with small rooms and angled walls where old fireplaces once dwelled presented a design challenge for this self-taught mama, but the results are a testament to her natural flair for creating a bedroom of sheer beauty.

This first peek into the girls’ room sets the scene for the delights that unfold. In Simone’s own words, it’s ‘a touch of boho, bursting with warmth, florals and personalised nuances. ‘

A grounding palette of dusky pink, peach and apricot seek balance in natural tones and a liberal dusting of rattan and wicker.

We get the first glimpse of that sublime decal-adorned wall custom-designed by @mae.she-reign.  It seems so fitting given Simone’s Instagram account handle that the first purchase she made was the flower decals. The commission even inspired Mae She Reigns’ now best-selling Wildflower range!

There’s a harmonious feel to this room. A healthy level of ‘twinning’ equalised with personal touches and adjustments. Take, for example, the subtle tonal differences to the bedclothes.

The Fela Tassel wall pendants by the queen of Boho, Justina Blakeney, sit proudly above the faux wood panelling; fringed halos guarding Simone’s sleeping angels. Initially intended for the master bedroom, Simone knew they were destined for Cove and Fern’s room as the room started to take shape.

Personalisation is the defining detail in this room. It’s the finishing touch that denotes each girl’s domain in the shared quarters. The flower name garlands handcrafted by Erica at The Wood Studio add a natural contrast to the metal railings of IKEA’S Minnen bed and the personalised baskets, handwoven in Morocco, with contrast blush monikers, provide a home for Teddy and a ‘tidy-up’ vehicle for end-of-day playthings.

Sharing is caring, but a jointly tenanted bedroom needs a boundary. An upcycled secondhand dresser is the perfect solution, resplendent in its precision-painted pale pink and with brass flower handles. Even the books in the hacked IKEA Flisat shelve conform to the omnipresent flora and fauna theme. Zoom in a little closer and you’ll spot the pairing of two delicate flower fairies, sharing the shelf space, no doubt symbolic of Simone’s own little pixies.

Like most of the rooms we feature, it’s the layers of detail that combine to create the masterpiece. All of the items on the dresser top belong to the underlying themes of nature, neutrality and bloom. We love the secondhand vases given a new lease of life with a lick of chalky paint, and the Small World take n’ play rattan house by @Junimoon_store. Everywhere you look, there are subtle reminders of who this room belongs to; the ‘Where the wildflowers grow’ wooden plaque and the poignant sisters print by @thenamenest. It’s possible to detect an air of childlike innocence in the magical items displayed here no doubt driven by Cove’s involvement in the product selection process.

There’s a deliberate serenity to this room that reinforces Simone’s intention to make the bedroom a place to retreat to for quiet time or childlike conspiratorial chatter. It’s no less a bright and happy space though brimming with pieces full of meaning and significance. An artful curation of old and new. The girls have a separate playroom, so there are few playthings to speak of, but there is plenty of gentle stimulus in dreamy moons, wish-making wands and rainbows of hope.

Flower power comes to the fore in an abstract posy of rattan wildflowers on the wall, a subliminal reference to the owner’s namesake if it wasn’t for the bold typographical wildflower print that accompanies them. Hunter and Nomad’s flower mirror is entirely at home among the rattan bloom, and the exquisite dusty pink beaded chandelier lends just the right amount of boho chic.

Another of Cove’s influences is witnessed in the ‘dressing area’. The wonderful Nani rattan vanity from Poppy’s Little Treasures somehow keeps the grown-up notion of ‘making-up’ innocent and childlike. Simone goes one step further in slowing down the passage of time with no-mess pretend play make-up from

Every girl’s happy place is a closet of frills, frocks and flouncy tutu’s and this open clothes rack from My Little Giggles is no exception. When the task of deciding what to wear becomes too much, it’s comforting to know that there’s refuge in the form of a delightful pink rattan chair but will the lure of that tempting tambourine prove too much distraction!

There’s so much to love about Cove and Fern’s bedroom. It’s clear to see the love and energy that has been poured into making this memory box of a bedroom. As we write, Simone is already working on a room refresh and has already chosen the wallpaper. She’ll use this statement piece to build her styling around, and we’re already eagerly anticipating the posts that will allow us a sneak peek into the evolving room scheme.

Simone’s ‘less is more’ approach means that bulky furniture is kept to a minimum. She instead chooses to optimise wall space as an outlet for creative expression and to showcase her styling prowess. A rainbow rattan wall shelf houses a collection of decorative objects including a flower fairy money box and a whimsical wooden unicorn. The shelf hooks hold more clues to the room’s inhabitants in the form of personalised terracotta rainbows as well as handmade necklaces by and a dainty crochet bag by @daisyandotis.

We leave this rosy posy room full of peace and joy and with just a few of Simone’s super styling tips for shared room success!

  • Have fun! Children’s rooms are fun so throw away the rule book and enjoy the process
  • Trial siblings sleeping together before you embark on a commitment to a shared room. It doesn’t work for everyone
  • Keep furniture simple and steer clear of bulky items that make the space look cluttered
  •  Fuse old and new to create a boho vibe full of authenticity and eclecticism
  •  When it comes to styling and accessorising, look for items that cement your  theme or concept


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