Simple toys of a classic design are having a major comeback. Big increase in sales of the iconic pieces from mid-20th century proves that a toy doesn’t have to be high-tech to be in high demand. On the contrary, simple toys offer more opportunities and keep minds moving, so it is no wonder that kids find them so fun to play with. Many popular vintage toys are still around to this day, and some even got a fun new twist to them. Let’s take a walk down the memory lane and revisit some of the yesterday’s classics for kids of today.


Probably the most famous building blocks are ABC blocks. First of its kind was made back in the 17th century by English philosopher John Locke who wanted to teach kids alphabet through play. They came a long way since then, but still remain a great source of educational fun. Building, sorting and stacking promote the development of fine motors skills and spacial recognition, and identifying and combining different letters, numbers and pictures carry a great educational value for kindergarten and preschool children. Many brands are producing their own versions of this classic toy, but DIY pieces usually get more credit. If you are feeling creative, give it a try. Your kids will be thrilled!

abc toy blocks


A rocking horse is more than just a toy, it is a part of history. It appeared in early 17th century in homes of nobility and the rich, but it was not until the 19th century that the toy became available to many. The rocking horse almost got extinct by the 1960s, but luckily in the last 25 years, it continued rocking on. What is it that makes a rocking horse a perennial favourite amongst toys? Not only does it improve child’s mobility and balance, it encourages creativity. Also, rocking back and forth has a calming and soothing effect on any child. Whether you opt for an antique or classic wooden rocking horse, be sure it is going to become your family’s heirloom.

vintage rocking horse

white car ride-on


white vintage rocking horse


vintage style rocking horses



If you want to introduce your kids to some old-fashion fun, check out these drop dead gorgeous vintage style car ride-ons. Their classic designs and nostalgic sentiments have lasting appeal for all generations. They provide endless hours of fun for little ones who enjoy riding around on them, showing off their style. But they are chic enough for parents to love them too! When your kids outgrow it, put it on a display as a work of art it truly is. It will add a fabulous finishing touch to both vintage and modern themed rooms. Ready. Set. Race!

yellow car ride-on tinkers

pink red vintage car ride-on

apartment therapy/rh baby and child

green car ride-on

vintage car ride-ons


Some call them matryoshkas, babushkas or Russian nesting dolls, but everyone agrees that these vintage beauties look sublime! Not only do they look lovely displayed in a modern nursery, but they also can be used for teaching educational concepts. These stacking toys live a life full of mystery. They consist of a series of wooden figures with a common motif, nested inside one another. Only pulling one apart can reveal what’s hidden inside. You can find many exciting modern  interpretations of this classic toy. Many of which are DIY projects. Take a look at some of them!

sketchinc nesting dolls



The mid-20th century was a golden era for the toy industry, and some of its products still rank high on the best toys ever lists. Nowadays, many toy companies are re-introducing their all-stars to delight new generations. Famous mid-century canines Little Snoopy Pull Along and Pull Along Dachshund are chosen to bring back the charm and nostalgia of yesterday. These retro pull along toys encourage early walking and coordination and help build a confident walker. Pretend play with Little Snoopy and Dachshund also teaches a child to care about dogs from early days. Who can resist these doggy eyes? Take the leash and go for a stroll.

snoopy pull along toy

daschund pull along toy

Classic toys never go out of fashion. They are always a good investment, guaranteed to inspire and delight not only children but their parents who used to play with them back in their childhood.

kids toys

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