Environment is everything when it comes to study areas, but the design can vary wildly depending on the space available and the learning style of the student in question. Some have a penchant for peace and tranquillity, while others opt for controlled chaos to fuel their creativity. Often, it’s not just the décor that makes the space either. In these fourteen fabulous spaces, the desk is in charge.

Whether it’s a homework station, study nook, IKEA hack or portable home office, these clever examples deserve to go to the top of the class with distinction!


Kara proves there’s no space too small for a workstation. Awkward shapes and tiny leftover spaces in rooms often lend themselves to ideal little study nooks like Mason’s. This homemade desk with an inbuilt drawer perfectly uses the two walls for its support structure. It also means no unwieldy legs are taking up unnecessary space on the floor. An elevated cabin bed gives this sophisticated space loft apartment feels, and a custom name pennant by @emilyervincreative seals the deal!


Never smile at a crocodile unless, of course, it happens to be safely suspended in a framed print by @maa_noo.studio. This cute corner in Mick’s bedroom takes on the vibe of a kindergarten classroom and adopts his mother’s love of colour and beautiful things witnessed elsewhere in the home’s interior design. The everyday desk and stool get a modern-day makeover by @gethoeked with a pop of seafoam green, and we are just in love with the colourful wooden toy by @grimmswoodentoys – stacked in reverse to create an alternative rainbow skyscraper.


All great ideas start with a blank piece of paper, or should that be a gigantic whiteboard? This slimline desk on casters is design genius and can be moved along with its companions; the chair and filing cabinet. Presumably, this feature maximises the room dimensions and enables the office to be temporarily relocated to access those fabulous cabin bed drawers. It’s a beautiful vision in bubblegum pink with a touch of high school spirit.


Aneeka’s complete home office gives some executive suites a run for their money. A desk is cleverly fashioned out of a length of wood placed on top of a couple of IKEA storage cubes, and wall space is used to the max with decorative shelving systems. There’s even a home library system courtesy of a revolving book storage system by @bunnytickles. Savvy storage equals a stylish study space with optimal conditions for learning.


This botanical-inspired room design nurtures growing minds with nature. We love the subliminal inference of fresh shoots and growth coupled with the vibrant and uplifting pops of spring greens and yellows. The natural light hints at a sense of freedom to dream, letting inquiring minds wander and wonder. This is fresh thinking for children’s study spaces at its best!


Pastel playrooms rule, and this dreamy creation could send even the most reluctant student running for their desk. There’s a light touch of educational resources in the wonderful wall art. Take the ‘i is for ice cream ‘print by @lornafreytag. Who doesn’t want to learn their alphabet when it’s packaged up in pastel pistachio loveliness? A colour-blocked mustard wall courtesy of @littlegreenepaint company sets a soothing scene for study. Can you believe the shade is called yellow-pink?


Just as little ones develop in their own unique ways, so do the spaces that fuel their learning journeys. This space has a distinct air of innocence and is all about simplicity and function. The office hero here is the Baby Tadeuz by @wiwiurka_toys. It’s a complete, all-in-one, self-contained study space for babies aged 9-30 months. It’s a desk, an eating station, a climbing frame and boy, does it pop out of that toddler-friendly daisy detail carpet!


Tidy desk, tidy mind. This study space is built for those who thrive in an uncluttered environment. It’s all about sleek angles, modular storage and a pleasing linear design aesthetic. There’s asymmetry and an unusual placement of items like the potted plant, which, when combined, make for a stark and stylish result. There’s something of the architect about this setup – a lone poster print lining up with the top of the tall cupboard unit to create a square with incomplete sides.


This boxy office design takes full advantage of the natural light by an adjacent window and eschews frills and frippery for a more simplistic vibe. In fact, this workspace couldn’t be more pared back if it tried, but it’s no less impressive for it. A few lengths of plywood transform an otherwise dead space into an elevated desk of dreams. Add a splash of yellow here and there by way of a retro clock, a pen pot and a Colman’s Mustard tin, and it’s time to get to work!


You could be mistaken for thinking that a ten-foot-long desk with three workstations would set you back a pretty penny, but this ingenious IKEA hack was achieved on a budget that’s attractive and accessible. The main components include two Alex drawer units and a desk leg to support the middle. An assembly of SKADIS pegboards create a focal point on the wall and keeps clutter off the desks. A splash of calming green paint makes a feature wall conducive to study, and a comfy rug marks out a defined space for breakouts and power naps.


Vintage schoolroom vibes and compact design combine to create the ‘A’ team for this cosy desk setup. What it lacks in physical size, it makes up for in design appeal and the colour ticks all the boxes for a calm and considered study area. There’s a break from the norm in an alphabet delivered by a floor covering rather than a wall print. A little rule-breaking never hurt anyone!


Three’s a crowd, but not when your workspace is defined by a rose gold rectangle of memo board marvelousness! We love the mix of boho, vintage and modern design influences that somehow seamlessly meld together to create a unique learning space that smashes hot desking goals.


It’s another IKEA hack, but this time it’s Malm that brings the magic. The famous chest of drawers is barely recognisable once treated to a lick of paint in sage. The continuation of that hue on the desktop and the colour blocking on the wall is what really designates this as a serious space for work. A pale pink desk chair provides a sweet and subtle contrast, while a library of Little People books on the top shelf creates a colourful crew of virtual colleagues.


A floating desk incorporating IKEA’s much-loved Trofast storage system creates a sense of academic harmony in this serene, green space with sloped ceilings. The design ethos maximises the angled walls, and a neutral wood-panelled floor lends a contemporary feel to this modern, uncluttered office.

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