Are you thinking of freshening up your baby’s nursery or kids’ room? In this guide, we’ll explore the top 2023 wall colour trends and how you might want to use them in your home. Let’s dive in!


Navy blue remains as popular as ever in the 2020s, although darker blues are rising in popularity at the moment.

Deep oceanic blue tones (perhaps with a glossy shine) can offer a unique and contemporary look. If you want to really sing the song of the seas, consider blue furniture and murals (e.g. those of animals, space, hot air balloons etc.) with varying blue shades and other light tones to go with the wall.

Don’t make everything in the room the same colour, though. Find the right balance and perhaps stick with blue fittings on one side of the room but plenty of contrasting colours throughout, such as brown timber flooring and colour-contrasted carpet.





Rich neutral tones can act as a soothing, beautiful and homely addition to a nursery or kid’s room. Some tones you may want to integrate include:

  • Timber wolf
  • Almond
  • Tuscan
  • Cashmere
  • Soft navy
  • Beaver
  • Crocodile green
  • Evergreen
  • Sacramento


Sticking with one colour for all wall finishes as well as the ceiling and trim, can create a unique and fancy look. Depending on the tone you opt for, you may want to include a satin finish. Silvery/grey tones or emerald green may work well when contrasted with golden fixtures and elements throughout the room.

Going about a monochromatic look in the right way can create the perfect blend of the new and old, all while exuding a flare of elegance and overall aesthetic appeal.


While deep reds remain popular in 2023, those with strong pink undertones are on the rise, including Raspberry blush.

Raspberry blush mixes coral tinges with pink tones to provide a space with a warm, relaxing and intriguingly refreshing aura. It breaks the mould without becoming a sore thumb in the process. When done right, tones like raspberry blush or even viva magenta (a crimson red that features a touch of raspberry) can fit well within any space.



Behr Paint Company’s colour of the year for 2023 is a blank canvas, which remains a popular wall colour today. A blank canvas can work well along with painting the walls in this tone. You’ll also want to include various neutral tones throughout the room (e.g., white or grey furniture, brown timber table, cream carpet, etc.).

Pairing blank canvas with black can create a dramatic impact and really add character to a room. Other tones you might want to consider to go with a blank canvas room include cobalt blue and a shade of green.


Wild Wonder from renowned paint brand Dulux is another great option worth considering. Wild Wonder is a yellow-tinged product that can offer a soothing, beautiful and yet unimposing background.

It’s perfect for creating a relaxing space for your baby or child and you alike. This colour can ensure that the walls do not stand out so much as help set a calming and welcoming tone. This popular paint product is Dulux’s Colour of the Year for 2023 and is sure to make its way into households across the UK in the months ahead.


Farrow & Ball’s Beverly is a deep forest green shade that can bring an immersive feeling of nature to your home. You may prefer to paint just some of the room’s walls with Beverly while using complementary or contrasting tones elsewhere in the nursery or kid’s room. What works best will vary depending on the space in question.




If you’re considering hiring a professional to paint your nursery or kid’s room, it’s important to consider average interior painting & decorating costs. Of course, you could undertake the work DIY. However, if in doubt, it’s best to hire a professional painter or decorator.

You may also want to hire an interior designer, painter or decorator to help decide what exact tones will work best in your home and how to contrast or complement those paint colours with other fixtures and items in the room.