It’s a new year, which means new goals, resolutions, plans..maybe a new family member? As we enter the new decade, many of us are looking for refreshment and renewal. As every year, here at Kids Interiors, it’s time to predict what will be popular in nursery rooms for the year ahead. We’ve seen the previews from all the wonderful nurseries on Instagram, at kids interiors stores, baby boutiques and trade shows beyond; and trust us, there is plenty of good inspiration! We’ve rounded up the top key trends to look out for in 2020.


All possible creatures from the sea will be making a huge splash this year! Whether it be whales, jellyfish, octopus, crabs or fish, you’re sure to find a place for at least one of them. We expect this trend to grow..You’ll start seeing more sea themed prints on the walls and also creatures as plushtoys or illustrated on accessories.

grey octopus plushtoy


whale seaworld kids wallpaper


sea theme in baby nursery


pink octopus plushtoy


sea wave wallpaper


sea creatures wall decals


jellyfish octopus dinner ware kids



Leafy prints have been adorning nursery walls for a while, especially with the tropical trend that is now starting to shift away. Leaves are becoming more delicate and dainty; it’s truly poetic and elegant. We love it! You’ll find your favourite foliage pattern in anything to wallpaper, bedding, swaddles and more.

leafy kids wallpaper


foliage wallpaper



This trend, continuing from past seasons, welcomes rich textiles and hand crafted items from all over the world. Chunky knits will be especially popular as the keyword “giant knitting” went up by 200 per cent in one year on Pinterest. Think macramé wall hangings that add an instant crafty and artisan touch and knitted blankets with thick threads placed casually in the room. We’ll also see an increase in rugged textiles with knots, drawing its inspiration from the maroccan “berber” craftsmanship. Look out for hand dyed textiles with rich earthy tones such as terracotta and ochre, inspired by clay and volcanic rocks.

hand dyed macrame wall hanging


berber style rug for nursery



Evolving from Pantone’s colour of the year 2019, Living Coral, a softer side of coral is developing, with a round peachy tone. It’s a brilliant alternative to classic pink, still being girly, but more sophisticated.

peachy pink floral wallpaper


coral pink flowery wallpaper



Floral wallpaper took off seriously these past seasons. The trend isn’t going anywhere, but we’re noticing florals becoming darker, making your nursery look more intriguing. We have a big crush on this update of florals.

dark floral wallpaper nursery


dark flowery wallpaper kid's room


big flowers wallpaper dark blue


huge flower wall decals


flower wallpaper black background


black white floral wallpaper



Black is back and more stylish than ever! If you’re not ready to paint the whole wall in this colour,try finding a wallpaper with an interesting print, incorporating black with other colours

black feature wall nursery


black white graphic wallpaper



It’s no secret that wallpaper has been a huge trend in nurseries for several years now. 2019 was all about maximalism and is still an on-going trend. However, this year we’re predicting a move towards more simplicity in the nursery when wallpaper is being used, making it the main decorative element. If you like this look, then there is no need to add posters, garlands or other wall décor. Stick to what you need only – you can always paint furniture or another wall in one of the matching colours to the wallpaper creating a harmonious setting for you and your baby to enjoy.

swedish wallpaper companies


nursery wallpaper with roses


grey white nursery wallpaper


wallpaper ideas baby nursery



A top design feature for nursery rooms in 2019 was definetly the rainbow, especially in the form of handmade wall décor made out of rope. The rainbow will still have its moment this year and we’re curious to see how the design will evolve. We’ve already spotted a few interesting variations.

rainbow nursery mobile


rainbow wall décor nursery


wall decals baby nursery



We love seeing parents express their creativity in the nursery! Go bold and graphic with paint – this is a new energy that we are welcoming with open arms for 2020! Pinterest revealed a spike in “geometric paint ideas” searches by 225 per cent last year and we’ll definitely keep an eye out for this trend.

graphic paint ideas


geometric paint ideas


While we report on new trends and key features for the current year, we very much like to look at continuing trends and timeless themes for the nursery. Take the gender neutral look as an example, which is still a popular choice for parents-to-be. Timeless Scandinavian and romantic themes continue to inspire us in all its different styles. There are also key colours that take interesting directions and combinations with other colours.

We hope we have given you some inspiring ideas for your own nursery and that you’ll apply them in your own way. Maybe you’ll set a new trend for 2021? We would love to see it! Feel free to post your photos on Instagram with the tag @kidsinteriors_com so we can notice your room, and add #kidsinteriors_com if you also want us to consider it for a repost.

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