For some time now mint green has been high up on the trends list when it comes to interior design. It is light, cheerful and above all bright and fresh. Indeed an ideal colour to bring to the kids’ rooms! What makes this pastel hue even more attractive is that it’s reasonably easy to decorate with. A large number of colours pair exceptionally well with mint green, and it will often find its place in various interior styles. But, even though it’s not the toughest hue to handle, we have nonetheless prepared a bunch of tips to help inspire you and make sure your adventure with mint green goes as smooth as possible.


The two go hand in hand! Before you start redecorating consider letting as much natural light in as you are able as it will bounce off the mint making it extra bright. This way mint green will show off in its full potential. That means leaving out any heavy curtains!

mint green in baby nursery


mint green crochet blanket



Because of its subtle tone, mint green will be a great addition to a neutral room. It will add a touch of brightness and liven up the place but still have the same effect as a neutral, so you don’t have to worry about disturbing the serenity of the space. And don’t stress yourself about overdoing nor oversimplifying it! Whether you decide to go with just a pillow, a statement furniture piece, or an accent wall, it really just depends on your personal taste.

mint green colour in baby room


mintgreen baby nursery room


grid wallpaper kid's room

mint green nursery bedding


mint green storage house shelf


mountain wall mural kid's room


mintgreen paint for kid's room

vintage mintgreen cupboard


mint green blue hues room ideas



For an edgy look try mixing mint with black. Use both colours in detail against a white background to make them stand out or go full mint and add black in splashes. One way or another, the effect these two colours make while embracing each other is fantastic!

mint green black children's room


mint green kids bed


mint green and black kid's room



Mint green can sometimes have an icy effect on the kid’s room, so don’t forget to add some warm accents. You can achieve this in a couple of ways, either by introducing natural wood or warmer and darker shades. As we’ve already mentioned mint is colour friendly, so for example, go ahead and combine it with pastels and create a cute and playful room. Or maybe a wooden crib, chairs, shelves and other accessories?

mint green yellow baby nursery


mint green pink red kid's room


mint green navy blue kids wallpaper

stokke round baby cot

mint green kids cushion


harlequin mint green pillows



Mint was extremely popular back in the 50’ and 60’ which makes it a must in vintage-inspired kids’ rooms! A metal bed frame with a minty flavour will do the trick or perhaps an old piece of furniture coated in a fresh shade of mint green.

retro mint green kid's room


mint green retro furniture



mint green kids chair


We can safely say that mint greens and bleus aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Plus it’s such a great hue for boys and girls alike, you could easily use it for a shared kid’s room or as this photo below illustrates, on the wall in front of a boy’s and a girl’s room next to each other.

mint green paint colour ideas


The energy they give off together with its amazing adaptability will make these particular hues hard to dethrone and push towards the dustbins of history. The fun part is now to find the perfect shade!



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