Today wer’e taking you inside the bedroom of a young lady named Mila who is six years old. Her family’s house is beautifully presented by her mum’s Instagram account @its_all_about_the_house which combines a Scandinavian style with earthy elements. We really loved how her room blends together in perfect harmony with the rest of the house! Her mum, Melanie, is a busy full-time hairdresser and mum of two daughters, but managed to create a space for Mila that even interior designers would envy. There are tons of pretty details for you to swoon over, just grab yourself a mug of tea and enjoy!

earthy girl's room

Melanie told us that she didn’t keep much from Mila’s nursery when designing her “big” girl’s room. She started with the white metal bed Minnen by Ikea, which has a slight retro look and everything grew from there. She wanted the same Nordic feel as the rest of the house, but decided to inject a few brighter tones to keep it fun. The rainbow wall hanging and prints were perfect!

textile wall hanging rainbow

Mila likes to get involved in decorating her room and picked her bedding from H & M. The earthy terracotta pink colour is a perfect alternative to classic girly pink that her mum was hoping to avoid. It also blends beautifully with the ochre in the wall hanging and yellow cushion that adds a pop of warmth to the whole space. However, Melanie reveals that the bedding will probably get changed as Mila grows older.

wooden playhouse

customized ikea dresser

berbere style kids rug

You might want to take Melanie’s useful piece of advice when decorating a girl’s room:

“Don’t be scared to steer away from girly colours..Keep the walls neutral and fill them with prints and décor as these can be changed easily as your child grows up! Wall storage is also a good way to keep things off the floor.”

poster with numbers

boho wall art kids room


Peg rail @my_minimal_uk I Rebel print @modocreative I Kindness print @kidofthevillage I Multiplication and farm print @kunskapstavlan I Rainbow print @prettyinprintart I Pear print @sky_high_prints I Drawers / light and bed @ikeauk I Knobs @puskahome I Bedding/storage bags /slippers @hmhome I Grid storage bags @4mursuk and @twolittleladies I Rug @laredouteuk I Rainbow wall hanging @oyoylivingdesign

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