If kids’ rooms with jungle vibes are your cup of tea and you are bumping your head on getting the very look in your toddler’s room, don’t despair! Stay with us as are about to show you one of the finest examples we’ve witnessed so far, and help you get a good grasp on what’s important to keep in mind when designing a modern jungle-inspired room for a toddler.

jungle toddler kids room

This stunning kid’s space belongs to Mark who is just about to turn three. He lives in Slovenia, a beautiful, green country in Central Europe, but, thanks to his mum Sladjana (@ourtinymoments) and her passion for Nordic design, everyone believes they come from North Europe.

rug with paws prints

Mark’s room is incredibly cosy and snug. The relaxing and peaceful atmosphere is achieved through lavish use of wooden furniture and decor, coupled with a warm but restrained colour palette of white, black, grey and caramel.

paws prints decor jungle rug

In this room, everything is more-less monochromatic with some bold pops of caramel here and there. Well, except for the feature wall that’s hosting some funky jungle vibes and a leopard hiding in the bushes. This gentle beast keeps his promise of watching over Mark and taking good care of him while he is busy in his thoughts or playing with the toys. He is on a shy side though so he chooses to remain in the shadows most of the time. He does come out to play, as you can see from the trails he left all over the rug.

adventurer jungle kid's room

Sladjana is not big on DIY projects, but she couldn’t resist at least putting a cute sleepy eye sticker on her son’s play kitchen.

She finds Pinterest to be one of the most rewarding platforms for design inspiration and admits that hours of pinning gave birth to some of the best ideas she brought to life in Mark’s room.

modern toys for a boy

Piece by piece, the room soon became a peaceful retreat. A place for resting and playing all sorts of games, while keeping it stylish in every possible way.

kid's room with plants

When asked about what she would buy or create for the room if money were no object, Sladjana replies:

“Hmmm… good question! I would extend the room and made him his own little home, with living room, dining room, bathroom, bedroom etc. I’m not asking much, right!? Haha. Also, I would buy him a children’s sport complex i found on the internet because he’s showing real interest in sports.”

monochrome playroom boy

Before we go to the source list for getting the look, take a word of advice from Sladjana:

“Just make sure that you invest in pieces which will last and which are going to be useful for your kids.”


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