Today we’re touring the most playful room we’ve ever seen so far belonging to a very lucky three year old boy, Lex, living with his family in Belgium. Armed with the knowledge gained from working with kids and raising two children, his mother Shanah has created a space for her little boy that really challenges his imagination everyday. There are lots of fun ideas for you to swoon over, so enjoy!

real roomtours kids room

His room is divided into “corners”, first his reading space with a mustard canopy making it really cosy where a little ghost cushion has been invited to sit together with leaping bunnies and a smiling apple.

wooden house for kid's room

Shana sees the room as “a work in progess” as it changes and evolves with time. There isn’t a particular theme, the most important is that it is safe and inviting for her boy to play and sleep. She likes to use blank wood and earth tones though so it feels warm.

wooden indoor playhouse

We definetly noticed that Shanah is passionate about kid’s room design and she confirms “My love for interior and styling has always been a part of me. I remember asking for my twelth birthday some money so I could buy some decoration items to update my room.” and adds “As a kid who grew up with basically nothing I feel so blessed and privileged to surround my kids with all this beauty.”

gymnastic wooden bars kid's room

She also tells us that the wall bar from Kaos was a must for the room as Lex is a very active boy who needs to evacuate all his energy, so climbing up his own bedroom wall was perfect!

big fish pendant lamp

A nice pendant lamp was also necessary to tie the whole room together. When she came across the cool sea creature lamps from Vasili lights she let him choose his favourite. By her surprise, he chose the big black fish and she admits it does the job perfectly.

kids bed with slide

As you can easily guess, Lex’s favourite element in the room is the bed with the slide which he picked out himself.

it's cool to be me poster

The first item she purchased for the room was this wooden dresser from Ikea that she painted white, changed the knobs and recently put stars on it to give it a more playful twist.

ikea hack dresser

When asked how Shana believes the room will evolve as Lex grows up she tells us “ I have no idea, I always surprise myself. Of course in time he will need a desk to do homework on but as far as style and colours go it will be what moves me in that moment. But I do think Lex will have more and more say in what he likes or dislikes as he will develop his own sense of style.”

Shanah reveals that she really appreciates the clever design of the H wardrobe by Rafa Kids and  might consider it for his room in the future if storage becomes an issue.

To conclude the roomtour, you might want to take Shanah’s useful piece of advice when decorating a boy’s room:

“Involve your kids, they love to pick out things for themselves and it will make the room feel more of their own. And don’t hold on to stereotypes. If my boy wanted a pink wall he would get it. Just make sure everything works together by sticking to a colour palette.“


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