No matter the season or location, colour is a decorator’s dream when it comes to updating or overhauling a kid’s room. There’s a sliding scale of commitment. Go all-out and opt for print, patterns and a kaleidoscope of colour or keep the baseline neutral and add your hues with accessories and soft furnishings to suit. It really is a question of personal taste and, perhaps, courage!

Not sure where to start with your colour adventure? Feast your eyes on these ten fabulous rooms where colour plays a starring role and decide whether you’re going for a gentle stroll or full throttle.


Susanna shows us how to inject a world of colour into a room without sensory overload. Here it’s mostly earthy naturals, but there is a pop of primary here and there. Take, for example, the ‘Lucky’ wire word sign by @heykiddostudio and the mustard felt pyjama bag. Then there s that cute, crocheted lemon by @the_crafting_cupboard squeezing a little zest into the plan. Of course, a burst of multicoloured bunting wins the day every time.

You’ll notice that the secret to courting all of this colour is to keep the foundations neutral – untreated furniture, wooden flooring, and barely-there walls allow the hues and prints to speak their truth without interruption.


Somewhere over the rainbow (or two) is a dreamy bedroom like Ebbe’s. This sweet room fits in perfectly at Mari’s ‘Yellow House’ – yes, you guessed it, a home with a generous helping of the sunshiney hue in every room. There’s a touch of sand in the bedlinen, mustard in the balance board and powerful citrus in the balloon nightlight. The lemon fest is completed by one of Mari’s own paintings, a lively leopard on a lilac background. You’ll note again that the stage is set by neutral floorboards and the palest of panelled walls. Colour doesn’t like to share the stage with anyone else!


Calming colour delivered by check, stripes, and print! Krystal’s subtle desert & car vibe for son Avery is a pleasing touch of muted genius helped by a wonderful shaft of natural light from that divine letterbox window. Let’s start with the awesome Checker’s Arch by @minnieandmeinteriors. It’s neutral but certainly not recessive. Then there’s the stylish pattern clash of the stripe and checkerboard cushions – we love that punchy mustard. It’s the Yani cushion by @houseofhazar_, in case you were wondering.

Top marks go to the camel print, which delivers an abundance of colour in less than half of that giant-sized frame.


Ok, it’s time for a copy revision. Earlier, we said that colour doesn’t like sharing the stage with anyone else. Joanna disproved that theory with a whimsical, bold colour bombshell void of neutrality.

Where to start? So, the beautiful blooming wallpaper is Neo Belle Epoque in pink by Cordonne @wallpaperdirect, and the Jasmine Area Rug in Cream is from @mohawk_home. Paired with a wall of love hearts, the effect is a kaleidoscope of colour and energy perfected by a terrific multicoloured chandelier. We love everything about this upbeat and cheerful girl’s room, especially that the bed was a roadside find!


Pinky pastel perfection with a pop of primary is how we describe this shared room full of joy. Lucy’s lack of budget meant she had to get creative. Armed with a stash of leftover paints, she opted for a gouache rainbow mural – a method of painting using opaque pigments ground in water and thickened with glue. There’s an upcycled school desk and bench given a new lease of life with a lick of canary yellow, and an IKEA Kura bed awarded a touch of TLC with a candy striped panel paint job and matching ladder rungs. It might have been achieved on a budget, but it’s a room rich in creativity and design flair.


There’s a mix of the traditional blended with school dorm charm in Emmet’s grown-up vintage-style bedroom. It all starts with an American high school pennant courtesy of @eventidepennantco. The pillar box red is a sharp contrast against the white wall and above that stately solid wooden headboard. We love how the red is picked out in the handwoven cushion by @maewoven and the red mushroom lamp by @egmonttoys_and_heico. It’s even there in the shutters and stable doors of the carry-with-me play barn. Who would have thought that a stingray would be a good bedtime companion? Only when it’s a pair of seafaring wings courtesy of @jackbenimblekids.

And how about that beautiful bedspread with a dusting of tangerine, star-spangled magic?


Look at this colour-laden nook in Marley’s New York loft apartment-inspired room. All the hues are packed into the below-mezzanine space, leaving a pared-back hideout above for quiet time and childish contemplation. It’s full of colour but not at all garish, and that’s down to the curation and fusion of shades. There’s no one dominant hue, save for the avocado wall panelling and terracotta steps. It’s just a beautiful ensemble of treasures and delights that combine to sprinkle colour like confetti via bedlinen, books, and a bounty of trinkets.


Neon meets pop art meets a whole lotta fun and a string of pop pom balls by @sukimcmaster. We wouldn’t expect anything less from Brandi and her unique and colourful styling. This extraordinary haven is a perfect expression of hectic eclecticism! It might be a shared space, but we love how the two beds have been dressed differently to help carve out separate identities for each child. Did you spot the Krispy Dreme bedding by @sackme on the top bunk? The food theme continues with a squidgy banana cushion on the bottom bunk. This room really is good enough to eat!


If ever you’re in doubt about a colour for the walls, take a leaf out of Venla’s book and use them all!

Here she creates a wall that looks almost edible with its ice-cream sundae vibes. There’s just a little help from Tikkurila with their Magnolia and Aloe shades. Elsewhere here’s colour by cunning accessorising – even a straightforward child’s sweater with a hint of lilac meadows can infuse the room with a vibrant bloom. Candy-striped storage boxes from @oyoylivingdesign and multicoloured geometric bricks and shapes add more layers of depth. If all else fails, choose a print with raindrops in a multitude of shades – in this case, ‘Spectrum’ by Velveteen Babies and Wonder and Rah.


Pops of colour in a sea of neutrality work wonders in this stunning nursery. Denise has perfected the art of creating enough space in this room design for one or two select items to create a mini rainbow riot of their own. Our eyes were irresistibly drawn to the stacking tower of multicoloured stones by @stapelstein.original. Not only do they create a feature in their own right, but they just happen to fuel play, movement, play and imagination with their myriad uses.

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