If you are at the early stages of decorating your child’s room and prefer to avoid excessive color themes and elaborate designs, creating a serene yet inspiring space is entirely possible. Here’s our step-by-step guide to help you achieve a harmonious blend of a calming kids’ interior that also sparks creativity. Striking the balance is key.

wood panelling kids room



Start with a soothing backdrop for the walls such as a gentle green. Did you know that humans have an innate connection to nature, known as biophilia?  This means that evolutionarily, we have spent much of our history in natural environments, so being surrounded by nature can evoke feelings of safety, comfort, and relaxation. It is considered a balanced colour that is neither too stimulating nor too dull. It also has a calming effect on the nervous system, which can help reduce stress and promote relaxation. Avoid acid type of greens though, as these tend to be too bright and intense and can feel tiring for the eyes.

wall panelling kids rooms


green leaves wallpaper for kid's room


Other colors known for their calming effect include blues, but not just any shade. Navy blue, in particular, stands out as the top choice. Research from the University of Sussex and British papermaker G.F. Smith confirms that navy blue is the most relaxing blue shade. Other serene hues in blues include Powder blue, Periwinkle blue, Duck Egg blue and those that lean towards green such as  Teal blue.

kids room blue


blue canopy for kids room


soothing blue kid's room


Pink is also an excellent colour for kids’ interiors due to its soothing and comforting qualities. It is associated with love and compassion, so will create a warm and affectionate atmosphere in any child’s space. When selecting a pink for your child’s space, it’s important to avoid the overly bright, neon or intense shades. These can be too stimulating and may lead to restlessness. Instead, opt for soft, muted or pastel pinks.

nude pink for kid's room


best pink colour hues for girls' rooms


Beige is a calming color for kids’ interiors because of its neutral and understated nature, which creates a serene and soothing atmosphere. This versatile hue is warm and inviting without being overwhelming, making it an ideal backdrop for relaxation and comfort. Beige tones can help to reduce visual clutter and promote a sense of order and tranquility. Additionally, beige complements a wide range of other colors and textures, allowing for flexibility in decorating and the ability to easily update the space as a child grows. Its association with natural elements and simplicity helps foster a peaceful environment conducive to rest, play, and learning.


beigish pink canopy for kid's bed


sofa for children's room


Incorporate Pops of Colour

With the backdrop color chosen, it’s now the time to introduce some colour accents to prevent the room from feeling overly muted or bland. Here is what psychologist Dr Leda in Washington, US has to say about the topic when it comes to baby nurseries:  ‘A balanced approach may be the most effective way to design a nursery. Combining both bold and neutral colors can create a visually engaging yet calming space. For example, having colorful and stimulating elements like toys, wall decorations, or crib accessories alongside a neutral base color can strike the right balance.’

At Kids Interiors, we believe the same applies for older children’s’ rooms, plus adding personal touches to the space so it feels special and unique as your child grows.

sofa for kid's room


black housebed kids room


Be Playful With Shapes

By integrating a mix of shapes into the design, you’ll make the whole space feel more lively. Shapes can be introduced through furniture, décor, toys and wall treatment, providing visual diversity that can make all the difference. Some examples would include a scalloped border for the wall, hanging triangular bunting, creating an unusual form of pattern with a panelled wall, hanging a round wreath or placing cushions in a non-traditional shape, like mushrooms or flowers.

scallop border kid's room


flower cushions kids room


Balancing serenity and creativity in a kid’s room may seem like daunting task but by following this balanced approach, we hope it will help you to create a peaceful haven that also tells a story and feels inspiring.

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