When we think of the 1980s in terms of interior design the first things that come to our minds are vivid colours, rich geometric patterns and kooky, out of this world furniture. We owe all of that to the rise of Pop Art and movements such as Miami and Milano Memphis which took root in this wonderful and whacky decade. But as we are going to see in a bit, the 80s weren’t all just eccentric at every turn. There was “normal” décor believe it or not!

80's style kids room

So, let’s jump in the design time machine, grab some of the best elements the decade has to offer and incorporate them into our contemporary kids’ rooms. Just be careful not to bring the bad hairstyles and neon parachute pants back with you!


Today’s very popular colours, the pastels, weren’t invented in 2016 nor 2010 for that matter, but have re-emerged from the tender ashes of the ‘80s. Although interiors with lots of bright blue, red and yellow colours were the George Michael and David Bowie of design, pastels were as equally as hot and trendy! Do blush pink walls and pastel pillows, plush toys and other accessories sound familiar? Pinterest is teeming with kids’ rooms like these!

pastel childrens room

midnight blue walls interiors

pastel childrens bedlinens


A kids’ room wouldn’t be ‘80s style if you didn’t invite a bunch of patterns to mingle with the brights and pastels. They will create a sensational, vivacious arrangement of colour and geometry no other decade has seen before or after. And the best part of this style is that it looks fun and cheerful, perfect for rooms that are going to host the little ones. For some, all of this may seem a bit overwhelming. However, you can always turn the tone down to comfortably suit you and your children.

80's inspired childrens room

80 style kids interiors

80's style kids bedding


Another way to bring a cool combination of hues and pattern the ‘80s way is with Terrazzo. It was initially created as a cheap flooring alternative that made use of pieces of other building materials like glass, granite and marble, binding them together in a rough mosaic. It enjoyed a surge in popularity in the ‘70s and ‘80s homes adorning kitchen surfaces, bathrooms and flooring in general. Now, Terrazzo wallpapers, murals and bed linen will look awesome sprucing up our kid’s rooms.

terrazzo in kids rooms


Terrazzo isn’t the only way to introduce the decade using wallpapers! What do you think about the Grid pattern? Doesn’t it look cool in kids’ rooms? It evokes the feeling of living in a notebook, so it’s undoubtedly going to be an everyday reminder to your children not to forget to do their homework! Together with the ‘80s colour palette, it’s going to look amazing!

grid wallpaper

80's style kids decor

80's style cushion

eclectic kids room

80's style interior design


The decade’s interiors too didn’t lack nature! Though Mother nature wasn’t as popular as these days, we could still see it popping up in certain design features. If you want to bring the great outdoors in your kids’ room ‘80s style, then look no further than the mighty jungle! Eclectic palm prints and exotic plant life will turn the interior into a fun and bold jungle oasis.

jungle kids room

All you 80’s parents! Feeling nostalgic yet?

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Photo credits

Bedding: @cottonon @adairskids @landofnod

Cot, chest of drawers : @kalonstudios photographed by @julieansiau

Grid wallpaper : @misstiptop @racheljpowell @landofnod

Grid cushion: @society6

Terrazzo : @fermlivingkids and Royal Institute of British Architects

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