Before getting angry at your little one for using a wall as an empty canvas for scribbling, let us congratulate you! Your child has reached a new creative milestone in his development that will soon lead to drawing and eventually writing. Instead of giving him a word for it, encourage your toddler to express his creativity in an appropriate space. But don’t dismiss the wall idea just yet. With the help of some chalkboard paint, your toddler will be able to draw on the wall without getting into trouble. And YES it will still look gorgeous!

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A chalkboard wall makes a beautiful focal point, while at the same time bringing drama and depth to the room. No wonder it became such a buzz in the world of interiors these last few years. Kids’ rooms are where chalkboard paint feels at home the most and for a good reason. It doesn’t just look smashing, it is also extremely useful. Kids’ creative potentials bloom when you let them loose and being allowed to dress the wall in your own artwork is one of the coolest and the most encouraging things you can do to a growing artist. A chalkboard wall will be a well-loved addition to any playroom since it provides a perfect setting for pretend play, social games and learning. It’s the king of tiny kids’ rooms, giving away so much to the little ones, while only asking for a spare surface in return.

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Before you take the brush and start painting, take a closer look at your child’s room. While going for an entire wall might sound like the best choice, it is rarely a smart decision. Huge black surface won’t look flattering if the room is on a smaller side and if achieving a clean and neat feel is something you cannot stand without, you shouldn’t commit to a full wall no matter the size of the room. Believe us, you want a messy chalkboard. Messy chalkboard means your little ones are often playing with it, and if not, what is the point of having one?

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The best thing about the chalkboard is its creative potential. You can opt for any shape and size, from simple rectangular to more fun formats, such as house or mountains. If you are renting and messing with walls is off the table for you, don’t give up the idea yet. You can always paint the furniture instead (table, chest of drawers, closet) or simply use a framed chalkboard table. There are even wallpapers and wall stickers that can double as a paint, so if you decided to enrich your kid’s room with chalkboard motifs, all you have to do is make up your mind.

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No kid would turn down the opportunity to sketch on the wall, so don’t be surprised if your child’s friends start visiting more often. You will probably earn the reputation of an uber cool mum among the youngsters, but bear in mind it is both a gift and a curse.

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