It’s been all about indoors for many children for a long time now. Outdoor play has been limited, so there are lots of reasons to catch up on all the fun as soon as it’s possible! Just thinking about outdoors ourselves, here at Kids Interiors – gave us the idea to make a whole dedicated space to the category. So we’ve had fun the last few weeks looking at photos of playgrounds, kids’ outdoor activities such as bicycling, ball-games, skipping ropes etc and the most fun part was discovering all the amazing outdoor playhouses – they’re just so incredibly cute! Playhouses, or cubby houses, as some people call them – come in so many different styles and shapes; some you can buy from specialized stores, and some have been built by diy-savvy parents themselves.

If you’re thinking of turning your backyard into a kid’s playground heaven with a cubby house, then you’ll see how your child’s imaginative play will really take off. It often involves role-playing; your child pretends to take care of his/hers family house, or it could be with friends, turning the house into a shop, post-office, or perhaps inviting friends to a tea-party! The fun is really endless.

We’ve compiled a list of our top favourites, to suit all budgets and gardens. Ready for some eye candy?

girly play cubbie house

incredible playhouse


american style play cubbie house


shopfront play house

simple cute playhouse ideas

two storey playhouse

fun playhouse ideas


best playhouse for kids

easy to build playhouse


shop pretend play kids


Find lots of other outdoor and play house ideas for kids on our Pinterest board “kids outdoors

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