Today we are taking you for a roomtour of Julian’s nursery who lives with his parents in Zurich, Switzerland. It is full of charm and character mixing family furniture and vintage pieces with modern décor designed by Sabine Winters from interior design studio Sabs Interiors.

grey yellow boy nursery
The dominant colour scheme is grey and yellow which is a palette that is not too classical for a boy but very stylish. You can easily add a few pops of blue without changing the feel of a two tone nursery as Sabine has done by hanging blue balloon mobiles from the ceiling in one corner of the nursery.

blue whale cushion

A good idea is to place a wallpaper only at a bit more than a third of the wall from the floor to ceiling so the whole nursery feels fully decorated and doesn’t need too much else on the walls. You can decorate the unwallpapered part with a textile animal head just above the cot or with a framed poster just by the armchair area.

vintage armachair nursery

crochet mouse toy

A little soft plush animal on your own armchair isn’t necessary of course but adds charm and personnality to the nursery.

yellow wallpaper

The contemporary round hooks could have looked insignificant if they were placed on a plain wall but actually become a decorative feature as they are placed just above the border of the wallpaper.

white vitra elephant

It is always interesting to introduce a striking design element in a nursery which has several more traditional furniture pieces. In this way you keep the charm which a nursery with only contemporary and design pieces lacks sometimes – but you break the too-traditional look.

birdcage lamp

birdcage lamp

Take your time choosing at least one element in the nursery that has been handmade by a skilled craft designer as the lamp for example. After all, it’s a very special place for both you and your baby so a unique and lovingly-made element will be unforgettable and set a feel of personnality and charm.

wooden chest of drawers

whale nursery cushion

A cushion in the shape of an animal with eyes can be so much more charming than just plain square cushions in the cot. If you don’t find it in a fabric that you like then you can always have it made for you in your own.


Wallpaper : Woodstock Yellow from Rachel Powell I Armchair : Honoré Décoration I Reading lamp : Ikea I Cot : Ikea I Hanging birdcage lamp : Matthieu Challières I Baskets : Best Before I Chest of Drawers : Family’s Own I Elephant Stool : Vitra I Curtains : Designers Guild I Rug : Vintage

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