Today we’re travelling to Poland where we are meeting a little two year-old boy called JJ. His mother Kamila is an interior designer, specializing in kids’ spaces, both public and private. The space she created for him ticks all the right boxes for a little toddler as it accommodates everything a little boy really needs at this age, which is a space for sleep, play, learn and rest. Keep scrolling to discover each space and Kamila’s useful tips for planning a toddler room.

kids interior designer Poland

Learn and Play space – the table allows him to sit and be focused on building blocks or another activity such as drawing or painting. The car track and toys are arranged in different baskets on the floor and he can express himself anytime he likes on the green chalkboard wall. The two spaces are connected as he learns through play and vice-versa.

Kamila’s tips : “Make it as simple as possible. A toddler is very curious about the world at this age and it is his internal desire and instinct to learn. He wants to explore, discover and figure things out. Try not to overwhelm the room with too many colours or decorative elements which can distracting – stick to only one or two more expressive walls with cute wallpapers or stickers and paint the rest with a muted colour. This will restrict the amount of unnecessary stimuli and allow him to focus better. Bright walls would be my preferred option.”

textile toy storage bags

green chalkboard wall

She also adds “Keep things within reach by bringing your child’s most frequently used items (like book and toys) at a level that is appropriate for a toddler. This is safer too – he won’t be tempted to climb up on something that might be unsafe to reach for his favourite toy. By reaching for things himself he learns to be independent and it can also help him learn the good habit of order if things can be easily put away too”

black car ride-on

toddler play table

” Kids need to express themselves not only by moving, jumping, dancing or singing, but also manually. They want to draw, paint, stick or model. Of course they can do this on the floor but a small table and chair in his adapted size will encorage him to do this easier.” Kamila explains.

kids play table

yellow kids bedding

Kamila created a cosy reading nook next to the bed as JJ’s loves to read. This is a space where they sit together and read before his bedtime and the low shelf allows him to pick his own books. She tells us “Every toddler needs a space to rest and calm down. It could be a reading corner or alternatively a swing, rocking chair or even a bed with a canopy. Make it cozy with lots of cushions and blankets.”

reading corner pouf for kids

yellow van night light


Wardrobe : Bostrak by Ikea I cactus knob – Ragalka Premium Galka Do Mebli Kaktus Drewniany I decorative hearts – Ajku garland hearts I Metal basket – Belmam Organizer Z Oczkami 10x10cm I Wooden shelf – Balmam Polka Shift Z Trjkatnym Bokiem I Blue blanket with pom pom – Boho Shop Otulacz Kocyk Waffel Denim Niebieski Z Chwostem I  mustard blanket with pom pom – Boho Shop Otulacz Kocyk Waffel Denim Niebieski Z Chwostem I Green blanket – Coodo Khaki Kocyk Bambusowy I Fox flowerpot – Bloomingville I Storage boxes with star – Kids Concept I Bed – Woodies Classic Cot Bed I Golden bedlinen with balloons – Done By Deer I Gold/grey rug : Done By Deer I Round boxes : Done by Deer I Green shelf : Done by Deer I Grey knot cushion : Homla Solmi I Cushions – Nuki I Playtable : Nuki I Pouf : Baha I Bookshelf : Flisat by Ikea I Yellow Van lamp : Little Lights I Dinosaur lamp : Little Lights I Cartrack: Patelowe I Triangle hanger : Nuki I Grey felt toy basket : Pudda by Ikea I Textile toy baskets : Oyoy I Rabbit toy box : Fermliving I Teddy poster : Yokodesign

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