The ABC’s are one of the first and most important things we teach our little ones and there has never been a parent who hasn’t lost some sleep over it. Instead of pulling out flashcards and audiotapes, let the kids’ room be the teacher. Rely on visual aids such as colourful alphabet wallpapers, wall art and rugs, to help your kids learn all 26 letters. Once armed with that knowledge, they are well on the road to reading and discovering the world of books.

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Children are visual learners. They will have an easier time remembering the alphabet if the letters are associated with things they are familiar with, such as colours, shapes or animals. Introduce the concept in the most creative ways possible, by adorning the walls with alphabet wall art or wallpapers and spreading ABC-inspired bed sheets. Follow every letter with a corresponding picture of an animal, or even better, let the animals take the shape of letters. All that’s left is to watch your child have a great time pointing out the letters he knows!

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Most children begin recognizing some of the letters between the ages of 2 and 3 and are able to identify most of them between ages 4 and 5. However, that shouldn’t stop you from introducing the alphabet even earlier in the child’s life. Place wall decals, posters or framed pictures on the wall above the crib and changing table. Why not even use a nursery mobile made of colourful letters? While they most certainly won’t help your baby learn the alphabet, these accessories might help draw its attention while you are changing the nappies. Talk about decor that grows with the child!

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Did you know that ABC blocks are one of the oldest toys ever? Besides being an irreplaceable tool for learning the alphabet, they are perfect for sneaking in a bit of vintage in your kid’s room. You can use them in a lot of different ways – from simple games of naming the letters to point to, or thinking of as many words as they can that start with those letters, to using them as regular building blocks. Kids love their ABC cubes but don’t forget they love playing with you too. Show them how to spell their own name and you will be surprised how quickly they will grow to show off their new skill to everyone who visits.

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Kids spend a majority of their time playing on the floor, so what better way to introduce the letters than with a colourful ABC rug. Your kids can now learn the alphabet while playing with their toys in a fun and comfortable environment. Additionally, finding toys to match each letter and allowing them to place the toys on the corresponding letter can be a great educational game for the whole family.

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Now that your kids have learned their ABC’s, it’s time to make the next step – writing them down. Yes, notebooks do serve for that purpose, but there is a much more fun way to encourage learning of this essential skill. Although kids would probably like to learn to write using the wall as a base, with the help of a chalkboard paint they will be able to do that without getting into trouble. So, let the games begin!

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It is no secret that the most important teaching tip of all is to make learning fun. Turn it into a game and your kids will keep asking for more.

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