Designing a trendy kid’s room allows parents and children to embark on a creative journey together. By integrating elements that speak to your child’s passions, hobbies, and dreams, you can foster a sense of ownership and pride, turning their room into a personal sanctuary that reflects their unique personalities and provides a welcome retreat for them to explore, learn, and play.

Join us as we explore a raft of themes, colours and inspiration to create delightful spaces that will ignite your child’s imagination, stimulate their senses, and provide them with an enchanting room to call their own. Let’s unlock the door to a world where creativity knows no bounds!


Take an everyday canopy but drape it differently to create a fluid take on the regal four-poster bed. Of course, this is no ordinary bed. A daub of chalky blue paint gives a regular pine frame a modern makeover. A wood-panelled ceiling mirrors the floor covering and lends a Nordic vibe that creates an easy sense of calm.

Wes’s room is a satisfying clash of contemporary meets country.


Loft-style living can always be relied on to create grown-up glamour and sophistication. The trick is to maintain just enough juvenile nuances to keep matters anchored in childhood. We’re satisfied that the alligator rug and classic ride-on do just that. A stowaway bed fits neatly into a custom built-in storage system and mezzanine sleeping quarters in the jungle – courtesy of @rebelwalls. The sage colour scheme is as wise as the interior design.


Start with a neutral base and invite the controlled chaos and energy in with wallpaper and accessories. The latter can be moved and reconfigured at will, so you’ll never tire of the end result. We love how the contrasting wallpaper stripes are united with a simple scalloped border. Both move in different directions but somehow share a rhythm that soothes. Dappled storage bowls and wicker baskets offer ‘tidy-away’ solutions but serve purpose in their aesthetic too.


Scandi safari meets dusty desert! Don’t be afraid to take a popular theme and have fun with it. Mellow mustard courts earthy clay and faded peach, evoking feelings of arid plains.  A decorative cacti and sandy rug complete this multi-centre vacation to the Sahara and Serengeti. A crisp white floor keeps all the attention on the colours and detail, including that arresting animal print bedlinen.


Undecided about patterns, colours, shapes and textures? That’s the beauty of trendy rooms. Mix and match to your heart’s content without so much as a raised eyebrow from the interior police. A pale blue base is topped and tailed with petroleum blue scallops and storage drawers for a sense of balance. Elsewhere there’s pattern clash galore, though tied together with rays of sunny yellows and golds. The art installations are as eclectic as the plinth-like tables and upside-down cupcake case stool. It’s quirky cool, and we love it.


Short on space or looking for inspo for shared habitats? Zone the room and allow each area to tell its own story. There’s a commonality that stitches the two parts together here, but enough differentiation to allow for individuality. And, the final genius. A metaphorical road that bridges the chasm between the two quarters.


Josie’s room takes trendy to a whole new level. The colour palette is certainly not shy and retiring. If you’re wondering, it’s called Aperitivo Hour and is found at Backdrop Home. The warming tones of this dark, peachy orange radiate happy vibes that make those scalloped canopies simply zing. Could a chair be more contemporary? In our opinion, not. Bold by name, bold by nature, this tubular chair is a chair like no other and can be found at Iris Apfel has the final say with a celebration of tropical species in her ‘Birds of a Feather’ rug by @ruggable

Soothing pastels and natural wood create a level playing field for Mariana’s sports-themed abode. There’s a bit of everything in this chill-out bench come bed area. From football and baseball to American football and a clear wanderlust for the waves, this energetic room tells the tales of a mini sporting legend.


They say creativity never goes out of style. This expansive house within a home is palatial. A swift roll out of the compact sleeping nook, and it’s up the storage stairs to the backlit mezzanine. From there, the options are a shimmy down the rope or a smooth saunter down the slide. If those methods of transport don’t suit, then the carriage of choice is a dainty classic ride-on in blush.


Pink and green were the inspo for Autumn’s stylish colourful room. The IKEA Kura bed is put to great use with designated ‘upstairs’ sleeping quarters and a delightful breakout zone in jewelled tones beneath. A fixed canopy by @hmhome is a welcome alternative to the draped variety, while a cushion collective beckons the weary to take respite below deck. We can’t finish without mentioning that delightful wallpaper – Crown Woodland in sage green by @Dunelmuk.


Of course, trendy doesn’t always have to be modern or contemporary. The vintage boho interior momentum continues here with layers of dusty peach, minty macaroon and tonal pale greens that lend a comforting, lived-in feel. Panelled walls and Sandberg’s Faded Passion wallpaper add glamour and impact, while the requisite Mrs Mighetto perches on the antique-style hooked shelf.


All the bear necessities make this whimsical room a total hit. A treehouse and slide combo takes the boredom out of bedtimes. There’s so much fun in this kid’s bedroom that those green woven tortoise bean bags by @safomasi are a welcome addition, perfectly poised to collect weary explorers.

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