Kids love playing all sorts of sports. It’s in their nature, and whether it’s basketball, football, hockey or gymnastics, encouraging these healthy habits should be on your priority list. The list of actions you could take on this mission is pretty long, but as you may already know, we are going to stick to what we know best – creating the coolest kids’ rooms in the world only this time dedicated to young sports lovers.

Sports are not just for outdoors! Yes, keeping everything intact while having toddlers running around the house can be a challenge, and by introducing sports into the picture, it could become even more difficult. But hey! Think about the benefits for your kids, not just the obstacles. Stay with us until the end of the post, and you will soon realise how easy you can overcome any hitches you may encounter down the road, and discover a curated collection of the best sports-themed kids’ rooms on the web.


If your little ones are fans of a certain sport, don’t hesitate to bring the game into their room to create an even stronger bond between them. This doesn’t mean you should go full rage and dress your kids’ room in some football club’s branded colours, and please, please don’t create a fan room for some sports figure (adding a few items is more than fine, of course).

As usual, the key to the most stylish design solution is in adding some elements of sports fun to the otherwise neutral room. With this approach you will still have a beautifully designed interior, only taken to the next level of awesomeness. And the kids will be ecstatic!



You can’t cramp a whole field or a court inside the room, and that’s fine. Instead, find the most spacious spot you can and start creating a nook dedicated to your child’s favourite activity. Obviously, anything that can be broken should go as your efforts won’t make much sense to the kids if all they’ll end up with is something they can only look at, not play with. So start with locating the largest play area in the kids’ room and free it from anything that can cause stress to either you or the kids.


Now that we have the space let’s come up with some ground rules. If the ball is in the house, let’s play with it safely and limit the space for play. Having some basic rules won’t spoil the fun if you turn them into a game! Come up with the rules together with your kids and show them how to follow by being an example of the best practice. This way rules won’t be considered as restrictions, but rather a fun scenario for endless playtime.


If your kids are into basketball, all you need to do is bring an indoor-friendly ball and attach a basketball hoop on the wall or a door of a kids’ room. Simple as that.

If football is what makes their hearts tremble, you can consider locating a desk in the shape of a football goal and kill two flies with one swat. Such workhorse piece of furniture will be loved by the kids and save precious space for playing at the same time.

If you have a young bowler in the house, you are in luck. There are quite a few gorgeous looking wooden bowling sets out there for you to fall in love with. Other than toys itself, this activity doesn’t require anything but free space, so you can later put the set for display.


But if you are raising a gymnastics superstar, you might need to pursue some more extreme measures. Gymnastics equipment is bulky and versatile, and you can hardly pull the whole gym together in a single kids’ room. Ask them what they like the most – beam, vault, pommel horse, rings or rope ladder, and later surprise them with on extra element if the space allows it.




You see, pulling together a sport-themed kids’ room is not that difficult, and it sure doesn’t have to be an eyesore. There is a solution for every little sports enthusiast out there. All you need is a simple set of rules and loads of inspiration.

Dive in!


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