Kids interior design is all about creating fun, stylish and imaginative spaces for children to play, learn and grow in. Whether you’re a parent, caregiver or simply a lover of all things design, we believe that every kid’s room deserves to be as unique and creative as the child who inhabits it.

In this article, we’ll be sharing our fave inspo for designing a kid’s room with style. From choosing the right colours and furniture to incorporating fun and functional decor, we’ll show you ideas to help you create a space that both you and your child will love. So whether you’re starting from scratch or simply looking to refresh an existing room, let’s dive in and get inspired!


We adore this room of contradictions. Vibrant but calm. Sophisticated but childlike. Cosy yet cool. Functional but stimulating. This is a space that benefits from a swathe of natural light, illuminating all of the detail within. Textiles are used to clever effect, softening the hard tiles and floor to ceiling gloss cabinets. A pop of pastel balloons mirrors detail on the circular rug and the lighting from the backlit arched desk come dresser casts a soothing glow over the setup.


Soft tones of wood and white create a calming space for energetic minds to download and decamp. A raised platform hosts the sleeping quarters with a private loft hang-out nook above. It’s the perfect oasis of peace and tranquillity and all of the furniture is hand crafted!. Despite the grown-up New York loft vibe there are notable childlike accents designed to spark imagination and nurture originality and creativity. We particularly love the beach hut shelves offering up a virtual trip to the seaside.


This delightful sibling space works on zoning principles to create two distinct areas with a similar design treatment. Note how colour is employed to offer a subtle tweak on the panelled headboards, matched by bedlinen to complement. The bespoke chest of drawers that separates the bed follows suit with handles that denote a terracotta or fern ‘side’.

It’s also fortuitous that a window in the eaves provides a natural demarcation of the two halves of Thomas & Gabrielle’s shared room.


This space themed room is out of this world but relies on the deft use of illumination to deliver the magic. The palette is kept simple with a tonal grey backdrop but it’s a neon space sign and backlit planets that signal stratospheric style. This design approach is a great lesson in less is more.


A child’s bedroom is the perfect place to have fun with interiors, reflecting their energy and personality. Here we see a number of passions. There’s a nod to a love of the beautiful game in the bevy of football cushions on the trundle bed. Whimsical wallpaper suggests an aspiration for aviation while an enquiring bear watching over the floating compact study area hints at a love of nature.


Adventure resides in these organised quarters with a circular seated rope swing and a set of gymnastic rings . There’s also a lovely symmetry in the glimpse of nature outdoors with the botanical wallpaper in the loft living area. This design approach is worth considering if space is at a premium. Placing a bed at height means you can max out on storage beneath while still creating the illusion of height.


This blue-tiful bedroom is the stuff of childhood dreams straight from a world of interiors. All the key components collude to create a space of inspiration, adventure, and respite.  From the dramatic two-tone stairs up to the climbing wall and roped loft quarters to the restful, quilted backdrop of the sleeping area, it’s positively dreamy. When it all gets too much above, it’s a simple slide down to slumber.


Creating a space that grows with your child can be a savvy financial move but also one that cultivates a sense of independence. We love how the storage units and desk create the sense of a house within a house, a nod to communal living and the creation of a sense of comfort and belonging. The mural cements this further with its collection of red-bricked buildings offering a sense of imaginative role play and a glimpse into the lives of those who might live there. There’s a wonderful sense of height and light augmented by the floor to ceiling windows and drapery, and the elongated spindles in the mezzanine nook area. The feature ceiling pendant gives a contemporary design sign-off that complements the stylish tangerine chair (we do wonder how comfortable it is though!).

This is a quietly confident grown-up room, perhaps perfect for someone on the brink of teenage years.

Woodland lovers watch out! This is the perfect inspiration for little ones with a love of nature and the outdoors. The colour palette combines fern and glade greens with warming spicy nutmeg and cinnamon tones. Feature wallpaper cements the theme but an adorable mouse-eared headboard is the icing on the cake here.


Modular design creates an organised space for kids to dwell in. That doesn’t mean it can’t be heaps of fun as this mono mint project proves. This compact room scape allows for the scaling of stairs to a reading nook and chill out area and a whizz down the wavy slide down to the main sleeping area.  Recessed storage space above the study area mirrors the geometric design on the soft touch closet. It feels lofty and light but super cosy all the same.

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