The baby pram or pushchair is likely to be one of your most important and expensive purchases for your newborn, so take your time to browse through all the different brands and styles the market have to offer. On average, prams are anything between 250-500 euros, depending on brand name, features, functions and styling. Designer and luxury prams can easily go up to 1000 euros or more.   We also recommend you to think about the following things before making your final decision.


duchess of cambridge baby pram



To start with, should you opt for a pram or a stroller? The main difference between the two, is that a pram allows your baby to lie down flat on a mattress, whereas a stroller can be inclined to a lying position with its seat. Comfort for your baby will be your top priority if choosing a pram.

Prams are also always parent-facing, so you will constantly maintain eye contact with your baby.

You need to think about the space you have at home (especially your hallway) as they are much larger than strollers. Usually they are quite wide and deep.


chic baby pram parisian style



Prams are the best option for newborns as lying down on a mattress is the best for developing their spine, but after six months your baby is likely to have outgrown it. So you need to ask yourself if you will be walking outside a lot with your baby during his first half year. If someone else in the household is going to the supermarket and shops, or if someone is taking care of the baby while you are outside, then your little one might stay at home most of the time during his precious first months. However, if you live nearby a park, then you might want to enjoy long walks with your baby, and then the pram will be ideal.


blue traditional baby pram


Many buggies combine pram and pushchair functions, either with a separate carrycot that attaches to the chassis or seat unit that can be converted into a carrycot.


quax baby pram



If you will be taking the public transports, then you’ll probably need a buggy with multi-functions that is light and easy to fold. A pram won’t be impossible, as people will probably help you to move it up on the bus or up the stairs, but you must choose one that is light in weight.

If you’ll be using the car, then check if the pram will fit into the booth.


luxury baby pram



Also check if the brake mechanisms are easy to handle, if handlebars are height adjustable, if there is enough storage space and if the hood is large enough for sun protection.

When all the practical features and aspects have been considered, then you need to like its design and style too! Most are black, but this might not be your favourite colour in the summer, so maybe a brown or beige will be better to fit all seasons (and your outfits too)? Will you go for the sporty, chic, traditional, royal or glamourous look? These fashion mamas below might inspire you – we didn’t forget to include a mini-mama too!


blue baby pram

white luxurious baby pram

fashion mama baby pram

red baby pram


fashionable baby pram

rattan doll pram

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