Kids’ rooms with a romantic feel are very much on trend lately (you’ve probably noticed their boom in your Instagram feeds). Kids love their nostalgic charm, and parents… oh, parents are just beyond delighted when their kids agree on pursuing this look. But how to bring a touch of retro sentiment into the kids’ room without hitting the other side of classy? Much easier than you’ve might expect.

brown heart cushion


Let’s put together this romantic puzzle, piece by piece.


Let the walls be the ones that carry in the vibe and create an impeccable backdrop for the rest of the décor to come. Forget about bare, monochrome walls and focus on antique or Boho floral patterns like the ones your grandparents used as upholstery for the sofas or armchairs, and watch the magic unfolding in front of your very eyes. However, flowers are not mandatory! There are many other ways to convey a similar feel by incorporating dreamy fairy tale motifs or vintage animal wallcoverings.

scandinavian florals wallpaper


vintage style floral wallpaper


victorian style wallpaper



Wood goes hand in hand with the romantic style, and so do wicker and rattan. Metallics are also very popular this season, so if you are wondering if copper, brass or rose gold bed might be too much for you, take a look at the photos below and decide for yourself. These choices might not seem like your usual cup of tea, but they can play a huge role in bringing that precious touch of tasteful glam and extra softness to the room. The textures and colours of the materials also match perfectly with the floral wallpapers, each in its unique way!

romantic style kids bed


wicker rattan crib


romantic girls décor


gold metal cot


But if you prefer monochrome walls anyway, turn your attention to fabrics and upholstery. Colourful bohemian style bed and cushion coverings with various patterns, laces and flowers pair exceptionally well with wicker beds, creating a beautiful soft finish. Also, investing in fabrics is the soundest choice if you plan on redecorating often.

romantic style girl's room ideas

prune colour canopy

vintage kid's room florals

liberty style bedding


Modern furniture doesn’t fit so well into this story. Chests or cupboards with a distressed finish or painted in a muted Farrow and Ball hue will elicit the vintage look that rooms such as these yearn for. And who knows, by giving the furniture a new life, it might pass down generations to come.

shabby chic kids furniture


scandinavian kids interior blogger


painted furniture ideas



And now for the cherry on top – a blissful, pastel canopy overlooking the bed or adorning the play area! Further, decorate the nook with DIY star or flag garlands in the same toned down hues. Can you imagine a more romantic setting?

grey blue girls' rooms


scandinavian kids interior ideas


top kids interior blogger



Hand-made stuffed dolls and classic toys, such as a wooden ride-on horse or ABC blocks, will throw the room decades in the past evoking a vintage feel. A delicate touch of nostalgia is the last piece of the puzzle that will round the look.

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vintage rocking horse

love cushion pillow



Kids’ bedrooms with romantic vibe create a healthy and balanced environment for children to dream, fantasise, play, relax, sleep, study and grow in. Also, this style appeals to adults too.

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