We enjoy being surrounded by nature and feeling its presence around us so makes us feel calm and serene. Incorporating Mother Nature in the nursery could therefore not be a better decorating choice –  it brings us back to our roots and reminds us of the essentials in life. Furthermore, this welcoming theme will never be out of style, even as your child grows up and suits boys and girls alike. So let’s take a look at a few ideas to help you get inspired.


Along with water, light is the most important element to life. The health benefits are numerous, such as bringing warmth and vitamin D, helping to make the room feel more comfortable, refreshing the air (we’ve all experiences dark musty-smelling rooms that don’t get much natural light), reducing the growth of bacteria, it clears odors and brings positive energy. Opt for light colours on the walls and ceiling as natural light will be absorbed by dark colours, avoid bulky curtains that block the light and use natural colours wherever you can.

natural light in baby nursery


rainbow baby nursery


white airy baby nursery


white nursery chair


leather pouf baby room


earthy baby room



Nothing says nature as much as trees but if you love wood in the indoors as much as you like them outdoors, think of how you can contribute to conserving Earth’s natural and precious resources. Try use recycled wood or furniture, or if you can, locally sourced and reclaimed wood products. Each furniture company should be able to tell you where they source their wood and if the forests they work with are eco-managed or not. Wood is the warmest natural element that can be brought into an interior and evokes the nostalgia of the early days of living so this material is sure to be at the very top of your list for the natural nursery.

sunburst mirror in nursery


natural baby room



There’s just nothing like the smell, sight and touch of fresh, green nature. Let refreshing chlorophyll-infused bits of nature inhabit your little one’s nest for a great positive impact on their future development. However be extra careful to choose non-toxic air-cleaning variants as you never know if your baby will try to put a leaf in his mouth. For your peace of mind, google which plants that are safe for your baby or search the information on leading parents and baby magazines before buying anything.

fresh plants baby nursery


green plants in baby nursery


tye dye wall hanging nursery


natural earthy baby room



If you aren’t quite convinced about placing fresh plants into the nursery, go green by painting a wall in your favourite green hue, preferably the wall just behind the cot so it stands out, or paint a piece of furniture. You can also add pops of green here and there for appealing accents, such as on the cot sheets for example. Not only is the colour green the best ambassador for nature, but can also improve your little one’s learning abilities according to some studies.

green wall baby nursery


green baby changing table



Fresh flowers in a vase of water might not be the most practical thing to place in a nursery for obvious reasons. Instead there are numerous ways to incorporate the most beautiful treasures nature has to offer into your baby’s room.  Whether you place an eye catching flower wreath just above the crib for an interesting focus point, use flowery cot sheets or cushions, or adorn the walls with a lush flowery wallpaper, you’re sure to embellish and make it unique in an instant!

vintage style flowery wallpaper


peachy flowery wallpaper



We all know how good it feels when the sun touches our skin or when we spend a day under the bright yellow sun. Bring this feel-good factor into the nursery with pops of this invigorating colour.  Don’t overdo it as it can quickly feel too energetic, just one single pop of yellow will do and make all the difference.

yellow in baby nursery


yellow in baby room



What would nature be without the kingdom of animals? They also play such an important role in childhood that you would want to introduce them as early as possible into your child’s life. Your baby might be too young to tell you what his favourite animal is but you can familiarize him with different animals by changing accessories often, such as the nursery mobile, plush toys, posters above the bed or why not stick removable wall decals that easily peel off without leaving a trace, leaving the wall for new creatures to come and keep company with your little one.

animal nursery posters


bird and flower decals


sea whale wall decals



Fruits are a wonderful way of adding the flavour of the season to the baby’s room. They can even set the style of the room – imagine a zesty lemon blanket, a funky banana poster or a a sweet handmade pear wall hanging!



Because rattan furniture is always associated with the outdoors, a crib or bed in this material will take you back to the memories of garden tranquility. Wicker hammocks, jute rugs, seagrass toy baskets are also excellent choices if you want to create the feeling of being close to nature.

 If you see something outside that you or your baby loves like a branch, a stone, a pinecone etc. – bring it home with you and use it to decorate the nursery!

rattan crib and baby furniture


Whatever you do, adopt the pace of nature and be patient in your design making. In the true nature of things, even a tree is sumptuous – so your nursery will be too, even with the simplest of details.



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