Grey is one, if not THE most popular modern neutral in interior design and has been so for some time now. Ranging from subtle shades to deep rich pigments, grey acts as an ideal backdrop for pretty much any colour, but can also be used as an accent. Many of its shades are exceptionally restful for the eyes and will bring a sense of calmness and serenity to the place like no other colour. In kids’ rooms, different grey tones can be used to create a unique and dreamy chic, almost fairytale atmosphere, full of magic. A truly perfect setting for a little girl to reside in!

With that in mind, we are going to give you some ideas on how to implement this gender-neutral colour and piece together the dream bedroom for your little princesses.




When you’ve splashed the desired shade of grey on the walls, it’s time to bring pink into the picture! Pink and grey go together like bread and butter, contrasting and balancing each other in just the right way. Find the right amount of pink that suits you and let your creative juices flow because your options are boundless! You can add it in pops through accent pieces such as cushions, various fabrics and blankets or sheets for the cribs and beds. But, don’t stop there! Adorn the walls with art or use the shelves to display various accessories. Pom poms and garlands are also a great way to spread lovely pink across the room!

scandinavian kids room




Turn the roles around and allow pink to dominate the bedroom! Grey will act as a counterbalance and add a soothing touch to the striking all-out pink backdrop.  So, which way are you ready to go?

vintage storage cupboard kid's room


pink rocking horse





Of course, you don’t have to hold on to the pink-grey combo to create a beautiful room for your little girl. As you know, grey plays well with a whole range of colours so don’t be afraid to play around! Go crazy with pastels and surprise the room’s grey background with a combination of yellow, gold, green and pink hues, whether through polka dot decals, geometric shapes or an array of pillows – it’s all up to you!


insta mama Sweden



If you want to design a room with a romantic touch for your daughter, use grey hues as your main ingredients and top them off with a lush vintage floral print as a focal point on the wall!

rose wall decals


Add animals such as unicorns, swans and flamingos to the picture in the form of plush toys or various prints and posters. And if you opt for toys, the fluffier, the merrier!

swan cushion


seashell cushion




Play with grey in your daughter’s room. It doesn’t have to be gender-neutral. And remember, sometimes just a detail here and there is enough to bring out the feminine side of a grey room.

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