Perhaps a little unexpected on first thoughts, brown might be considered a surprising colour choice for girls’ rooms. Feast your eyes on this beautiful collection of girls’ rooms, and you’ll see it’s a hue that opens up a world of possibilities. Its colour can feel rich and dense but earthy and grounding. Pale pastel versions can be dainty and super-feminine when teamed with blush and dusky rose. Go monochromatic for a calm and modern look, or pull in the warmth of brown with furniture and natural materials or a simple non-committal wall tapestry.

Whichever way you go brown, you’ll find it a practical and versatile colour that lends a warm embrace and a virtual hug to any space.


‘You’ll never see a rainbow if you’re looking down.’ Hilda’s room is proof that feature walls don’t always have to follow the norm of colour-blocking and cutesy wallpaper. A simple tack on the wall and a rainbow tapestry by @oyoylivingdeisgn transform this cosy corner into the perfect getaway for quiet time and literary adventures.

It’s all about the neutrals here, with a star appearance by a splash of chocolatey brown. Who said rainbows had to be full of all the colours?


Bella’s chic boudoir channels sophisticated swans in a colour palette that screams soothing mug of latte. The wallpaper by @hibou_home adds a serene touch of pale rose to this room fit for a princess. So apt that the swans are wearing gold crowns!

We love the mini soft play area by @meowbaby_store in dusky pink, perfectly positioned on The Rug Seller’s dense Ariana Vanilla Moroccan rug. A nude Princess Canopy from @livandprimrose is embellished with a mini pom pom garland in champagne, completing this picture-perfect girl’s nursery.


Susanna’s brand of brown begins with a putty-powered spot of colour blocking that plays home to a collection of lovely wall art. We love the phrase hoop by @leoandwilf, but Studio Loco Design’s terracotta-tinged rainbow print brings tonal browns into this otherwise neutral space. Of course, there’s a little help from the hazelnut waffled blanket and a touch of toffee in the dozing plush fawn.


In Briony’s own words, “Give me all of the rainbows.” Just so long as they’re in a wonderful palette of soft browns and neutrals. They’re blended here with a burst of rosy blush in Liewood’s canopy for a soothing look that’s just peachy for a nursery.


Oh, sweet sepia tones and a touch of Victoriana. This room feels like it tumbled out of the pages of a much-thumbed fairy tale. Much of the magic results from the room being concocted almost entirely from second-hand finds. Photowall Sweden’s woodland wallpaper projects bronzey tones and an enchanting air onto this feature wall, and we love how the duo of hot air balloons by @superballoon original breeze gently into the landscape. A framed birth poster is housed inside an upcycled gilt frame for a sense of lofty grandeur. It seems the anglepoise lamp got the metallic memo too!


It’s no secret that Hanneke is partial to a bit of chocolate in her interior décor, but this gorgeous arch is just delicious. Like a deconstructed cappuccino, there’s even a hint of chocolate sprinkles on the adjacent wall and a milky wooden floor. It’s a modern set-up with a backwards nod to 70’s retro palettes.


We’re not sure what is more impressive – the majesty of this peachy cinnamon-toned room or the fact that almost everything is a perfect match. Even the wooden coat hanger against the vintage dresser complements the edible colour scheme.


Lua’s room is a vision in tones that resemble scorched earth and gingerbread. The wall treatment takes on the appearance of bare plaster, and the placement of the illuminated canopy maximises the room’s geometrics. It’s cosy, calming and as cute as a button.


Just as there are 50 shades of grey, brown comes in many guises. In Savannah’s room, it’s Como by @fluggerofficial, a delicate biscuit beige that’s simply sublime teamed with the unexpected floral wallpaper by @Sandberg on the ceiling. The calming neutrals in this feminine room can take the powerful colour on the upcycled wardrobe. In case you’re wondering, it’s Zombie and is from Dyrup.


Earthy tones and an endless supply of shapes and textures make for a soothing bedroom destined for slumber. We love the velvety chocolate pyramid’s coupling with a brandy snap Amber canopy by @playatslaep. The moon pillow infers a subliminal sleepy tranquillity in sand by @playatslaep that’s echoed in a sea of moons and stars on the circular Calm Moon rug by @thatsmine_com.


Megan proves there’s no need to adopt a colour scheme wholesale to have an impact. It’s a solitary teddy bear pillow that adds a dash of caramel to Penelope’s floral-themed room in sumptuous hues of pistachio, rose and plum.


Serpentine green provides a tranquil backdrop for another rainbow tapestry in an alternative palette of earthy browns. An abundance of natural wood, rattan and straw adds a lighter tone to keep things balanced.


Canopies are a welcome addition to any cosy corner, but we’re in awe of this chintzy Flower Tales print in Emilia’s nursery by @otisandthewolf. A medley of woodland neutrals vibes so well with the toadstool cushion by @zarahome and the rattan mushroom storage basket. Not one but two feature walls –  a blend of panelling and scalloping – are colour matched to Farrow & Ball’s Sulking Room Pink and lend a light feminine dusting to this beautiful reading corner. Oh, that crocheted blanket in a collection of warming browns and dusky pinks. It tells tales of autumnal adventures and is just perfect for chill time.


Brown isn’t always a brush stroke or a fabric. Sometimes it’s delivered simply in the raw materials of key furniture pieces. Take this solid wooden bed in Emma Marie’s room. Paired with the beige tones in the tree-adorned wallpaper by @spoonflowerde, it conjures up walks in the forest. Obviously, a handmade watercolour rainbow cushion here and there courtesy of adds a refreshing burst of cheer.



Paulina creates calm and cosy with ease in her exquisite palette of milky tea and marshmallow. Coppers, truffles and honeyed tones are casually tossed in by way of cushions, bedlinens and canopies to add extra depth and warmth. Of course, it all chimes so well against a bird and trees wallpaper. And what do you think of that glorious taupe puppet doorway theatre by It’s the stuff of childhood dreams, right?

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