Orange and lemons say the bells of St Clements.

How fitting that a much-loved nursery rhyme appears to lay at the heart of the design concepts for these stunning eleven nurseries with citrus-infused touches?

Kids interior trends come and go, but colour is an ever-present theme and the most obvious way to determine a style direction for your nursery project.

Whether it’s a garnish of orange paint or a slice of lemon in a DIY wall frieze, fruity equals fresh, fun and metaphorically nourishing. We’ve chosen these darling nurseries to show you the sliding scale of commitment to a theme. Some are more subtle, and some go all-out fruit basket – we’re still recovering from the sweet zing of that lemon clad wall (see room four in the list).

We’re not sure if this counts towards your 5-a-day, but we’re pretty sure you’ll feel refreshed and invigorated after feasting out on this beautiful collection of kids’ interior inspiration.


Can you believe that this stunning creation is a holding piece for Goldie Mae’s sweet nursery? Even harder to believe that the DIY wall hanging sunshine cost less than $30 and was crafted using sisal rope, scraps of wood, grass table skirts and an industrial supply of hot glue. The feature was designed to reflect Goldie’s personality, which Arin describes as ‘pure sunshine’. This cheerful room is infused with a coupling of citrus-coloured cushions and radiates sunny, happy vibes.


A peach melba canopy frames this lovely corner in V’s room. The gold vinyl stars above on a blue-sky ceiling suggest the allure of the night sky. This, teamed with the canopy and earthy colour palette, creates a touch of the exotic Egyptian nights in this tiny abode. The terracotta tone of Marjorie Minnie’s rust briar rose blanket brings a muted orange to the room that balances the paler, honeyed hues.


Retro perfection and a bouquet of lemon and mustard blooms bring a zing to Bijou’s 70’s inspired room. It’s zany and zesty and full of flower power feelings from the good old days. The exclusive chamomile print on Joonbird’s organic cotton crib sheet is inspired and apt for a soothing sleep.


When life gives you lemons, infuse your nursery with a refreshing burst of sweet citrus perfection. This room gives us all the Sicilian feels and harks back to sun-drenched, cloudy lemonade-filled days of summer. The feature wall is created with peel and stick wallpaper by @hemmaandco. Easy peasy lemon squeezy indeed!


It’s not just that cute strawberry cushion bringing a fruity feel to Sarah’s new arrival’s nursery. We love a spot of floor pad layering, and those cantaloupe and tangerine tones literally have our taste buds tingling. It’s minimal and clean but bursting at the seams with juicy hues and a wonderfully warm ambience.


Well, isn’t this just a heavenly way to rise and shine? A home-grown mountain range mural adds the wow factor to Leyton’s unique nursery. Burnt orange rubs shoulders with powdery pink and tile red, suggesting an air of adventure and a balmy disposition. There’s no stone left unturned when it comes to the detail. Just look at how well the tasselled ceiling pendant vibes with the paint colours in the fresco.


Mustard has become the go-to shade of yellow for kids’ interior décor. It’s a pared-back lemon, lighter on the acidity, and an easy shade to mix and match.  Ripped confetti decals by @thelovelywallco bring a riot of activity to this feature wall, along with a pair of vibrant framed prints and soft furnishings in a complementary irregular polka dot pattern.


There’s nothing like a scalloped wall to bring a welcome dose of positivity to a nursery, especially when it resembles the luscious aquamarine of the ocean. Arlo’s sunny corner relies on subtle splashes of orange to elevate the mood.  There are dashes of carrot and kumquat, honey and apricot all seamlessly woven into baskets and bedding, blankets and even bunnies and bears.

It’s the ochre canopy that’s the crowning glory in Oliver Lennon’s room, creating a burst of warming colour in this otherwise neutral nursery. There’s a wealth of natural wood and ornamental decorations crafted from thread and woven textiles, but everywhere there are dashes of muted orange and mustard. From the rust dots in the @hunterandnomadrug to the arcs in the woven and wooden rainbows by @iron.and.cub and @the.wood.cove, it’s a scene of harmonious bliss.


A neutral backdrop wins the day again in this serene set-up, but it’s a chevron print wallcovering that adds texture and depth. Monochrome takes a new direction in earthy terracotta tones and milky mustards and how we love those mirrored mono rainbow prints. This nursery oozes unfettered simplicity and style.


When interior design works in harmony with the contours and architecture, it’s a beautiful thing. This giant rainbow is a fantastic way to highlight the arch in this nursery full of natural light. Tradition is dispensed with, and the rainbow gets a modern-day makeover with a palette dominated by orange and lemon. It might be subtle, but the complementary pom pom edging on the curtains is inspired.

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