Time or budget pushed when it comes to your next kid’s room renovation? Keep your project within spend and conserve time with our edit of quick and easy ways to add character to a kid’s room. This collection of sixteen spaces share the self-styled secrets of canny parents and experts, plus a suite of simple interior design techniques that will take your makeover from how to WOW. Use them in isolation or combine these innovative ideas to create rooms of distinction your little ones will love.


Wallpaper has the ultimate interior design superpower: the ability to transform a room with relatively little investment and less permanence than other more drastic structural modifications. Here, Sandberg’s Raphael wallpaper creates maximum impact with its lush green landscape, inspired by an antique woven tapestry. The key to success is keeping everything else neutral and unfussy. Charlie’s meander into the forest is a spectacular example. What a lucky boy.


It’s no secret that we’re big fans of colour-blocking here at Kids Interiors, so this harmonious paint and wallpaper combo is most welcome. Rosie has chosen a colour match brown of Farrow and Ball’s Salon Drab to create depth in Joseph’s woodland-themed bedroom. Painted from the floor up to approximately one-third of the wall and paired with Borastapeter’s mono Forest Friends wallpaper, there’s a real sense of balance. The dark, chocolatey tones of the canopy add further depth and a delicious dollop of cosy autumnal vibes.


Hot on the heels of wallpaper (particularly the removable kind) are wall decals. Full of impromptu whimsy and spontaneity, they allow transformation without too much commitment. Throw out the rule book and sprinkle them liberally wherever your interior heart desires.

Briony’s blooms of choice are delightful daisies from@chobywallart. They add a spritely injection of flower power into Quinn’s pastel-pink girly bedroom.


 Here, Amelia’s dreamy, creamy Princess bedroom enjoys a more eclectic backdrop of floral decals interspersed with cushioned balloons and even an appearance from Miffy. Like a floral head crown, the sticky blooms encircle the wire word art, spelling out the name of the little darling to whom this majestic room belongs.


Canopies bring so many qualities to a room makeover.  At their most basic level, they add a touch of drama and regality to everyday beds. From a child’s point of view, they create magical dens and reading nooks to escape in with a good book or a head full of juvenile dreams and adventures.

Take a break from convention and choose a checked canopy over a plain one. It will make a style statement that’s hard to ignore. This terracotta gingham canopy stands proud against a solid white wall and is teamed perfectly with a subtle floral bed linen pattern clash. We adore the hanging pendant that mirrors the canopy in more minute proportions.


Simplicity is never to be overlooked when it comes to styling a kid’s bedroom. Consider a shape or simple piece of wall art to create a focal point in a kid’s room. The eye is particularly drawn to the moon because of its placement on the two-toned wall. Placing it on the darker of the two shades befits the idea of a wintry night sky at dusk.

Meanwhile, at the forefront, artistically draped flag bunting in jewelled autumn tones introduces a balancing air or warmth.


There’s no need to get hung up on major renovations when it comes to kid’s room transformations. Sometimes, the simplest interior design hacks do the heavy lifting. Take, for example, the fine display of garlands in this sage little corner. Earthy-toned bunting heralds the arrival of spectacular wall art, including ‘Floral Dove’ and ‘You are Magic. The cutest of mushroom garlands by @georgieslittlemakes is suspended from the wooden hooked shelf.

The beauty of garlands is their portability and transitory nature. Today, they’re in one position, tomorrow, another. Have fun and experiment until you find their natural home.




There’s no denying it. Striped wallpaper can make a room appear smaller or bigger. It can create height and depth, but one thing universally agreed upon is that stripes create impact. If you’re searching for a focal point or a feature wall, striped wallpaper may just be your answer. You could go for a partial treatment if you’re unsure and want to test the water. It’s a good way to zone a room or frame a particular feature. Cover an entire wall for maximum impact and place a significant piece of furniture in front, such as a cot or bed.  Whichever route you choose, you’ll need a steady hand for matching up the lines, and a straight wall always comes in handy!


Let’s talk about textiles. Never underestimate the power of a signature cushion to create personality and intrigue in a kid’s room. Take a departure from traditional square cushions and bring elements of your room’s theme into the textiles. This mushroom pillow by @zarahome fits the bill perfectly in this woodland room, mirroring the print by @kidofthevillage, the sweet felted toadstool garland and the novel play pouch by @playpouch_kids. The lovely shades of terracotta, burnt sienna and autumnal rust pop against Lick’s shade beige 03 and the sky blue couch by @possumplaycouch. There’s a real sense of life imitating art with the presence of mushrooms in this play area as prolific as Autumn.


One step removed from wallpaper, wall art is a quick and easy way to inject personality into a room scheme. We’re big fans of galleried walls, but sometimes less is more. Lorna Freytag demonstrates this beautifully with a solitary bold print. The colour blocking is confined within the four corners of the frame and the image striking yet simple. Set against a pale plain wall and joined by a jaunty golden kite, it creates a feature wall with minimum effort


A scalloped edge is one brush stroke away from a simple colour blocked wall. Ok, perhaps more than just one brush stroke. It takes a deft touch, a saucer or other round object, and a good deal of patience, but the end result can transform a run of the mill wall into a work of art. This example really does cut the mustard with its warming ochre glow and teamed so perfectly with floral bedlinen in complementary autumnal shades.



Geometric shapes? Check. Heaps of personality? Check. Checks? Check! There’s just something about a chequerboard print that screams personality, as these two polar opposite room scheme palettes demonstrate. In Roman’s room, we have colour aplenty in the form of circular wall decals. Designating just two of the many decals a checked print gives them more prominence, and we love how they pop in tandem with the polka dot cushion and dino print bedding. In Percy’s room, it’s a simple mono rug that brings the geometry lesson with attitude.


Last but not least, let the pillows do the talking. A collection of slogan pillows with pops of colour, personalisation and phrases can bring a lot of welcome chatter to a space. The added benefit is that the conversation can be transported from one room to another, rather like a successful dinner party. It’s a cheap and efficient way to add character to a room and a smart way to subliminally impart self-esteem, words of wisdom and life lessons through word art.

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