There is no doubt that dinosaurs are fascinating for kids across the planet. That is why there are so many popular animated movies about them (The Land before Time, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, We’re Back: A Dinosaur’s Story, The Good Dinosaur, etc.). There is something about these extinct creatures from long time ago that attracts and holds the attention of young boys and girls. It is hard to explain what exactly that is: their size, the fact they’re so strong and powerful, or simply because they can’t see them anywhere but in the movies and books. Although the whys of this phenomenon are foreign to us, we can use it to educate our kids and spark their interest for history. Bring these magnificent creatures closer to your kids by introducing them into their room.

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One of the most special and interesting things about dinosaurs is the time they lived in. The first dinosaurs inhabited this planet 200 million years ago, and were wiped out from existence more than 60 million of years ago. That concept of something being there such a long time ago is simply magical for kids. Enhance their interest in this topic by introducing elements that evoke the vibe of Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous period. That can be through colors of the nature: green for grass, dark green for trees, yellowish for sand, and various patterns, such as ferns, gingkos, horsetails, etc.

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Tyrannosaurus Rex is the most famous specie of dinosaurs, especially for kids. It’s strong, big and basically invincible, but it is hardly the only one. Bring other species closer to them by introducing their figurines and toys into kids’ room. But don’t just throw them in randomly. Arrange them by size on a shelf, homework station, or if it’s a drawing – on the wall. Take other factors into consideration, like the era they lived in, the food chain, etc. While you are doing that explain your reasons to your child, and talk about where are the most famous remains of these species located millions of years after.

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It seems that cheap plastic or rubber dinosaur toys will never go out of fashion. You’ve probably had some, your kids probably have some, and their kids will very likely have some too. The youngsters can play with these things for hours. This provides a fantastic hook for further research in history and science, so make sure you include plenty of these creatures into kids’ room. Consider adding different types of dinosaur toys – stuffed dinosaurs and wooden dinosaur skeletons that can be assembled and dissembled, so they promote fine motor skills and logic.

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Very few kids will willingly pick up a paleontology book, but a dinosaur book is a whole different thing. Good dinosaur book for young kids will contain information of how the fossils are formed, different ages, and different species, which will early on, introduce the curiosity about evolution and history.

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There are many ways to introduce dinosaurs into your kids’ room, including through dinosaur-shaped pillows, patterned wallpaper, wall murals, printed posters, sheets, paintings and other decorative items. Use them and spark the inextinguishable passion for knowledge.

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