Fruits are as good for your kids’ diets, as they are for decorating their rooms. Due to their various forms, fruits offer an array of options when it comes to interior design and are sure to inspire creativity and playfulness. Fruit accessories are convenient and effective pieces of décor, as they are easy to add and even easier to take off, giving you a lot of manoeuvrability in the process.

 So, go ahead and usher in a cheerful vibe into your little one’s room! If you love strawberries, watermelons and pineapples then use them to bring the summer feel all year round, or grow some apples and pears and fill the space with high spirits. But, before taking any rash decisions and start adorning the kid’s room with your favourite fruit, take a look at some of the ideas we’ve prepared for you in this fruitful article.


Adding pops of colour has never been easier! Whether it’s a splash of pineapple or banana yellow, a pink and green combo of juicy watermelons, or sweet, red strawberries, fruits have it all. It’s easy-peasy! Acquire a nice pillow, a set of bed sheets or some stickers and completely change the tone of grey, white and other neutral rooms. However, monochrome rooms are not the only ones that can benefit from fruits. Whatever the style and colour of your little one’s room, there will always be a type of fruit that’s going to fit perfectly.

fruity kids décor


pear poster


watermelon bedding


pillow and duvet cover watermelon

watermelon cushions



How cute is a kawaii apple or pear with rosy cheeks? Use different fruits to provide the room with a touch of cheerfulness and character. Instead of just a regular yellow accent pillow, you could opt for a pineapple-shaped one smiling from cheek to cheek.

A fun watermelon rug? Just the perfect thing for a playful kid’s room! And be sure that the children are going to find those very amusing!

fruit kids poster

skimbaco lifestyle

diy cherry garland

lay baby lay

pear poster

roxyoxy creations

fruity kids pillows


kawaii fruity décor



In a kid’s room, anything is possible! Lemons need not be yellow and pears can absolutely bear a grey tone. However, we don’t just recognise fruit for their colour – that’s where the shape comes in! Benefit from their distinguishable contours and add interest to the walls by applying pattern through wallpapers and decals. If adorning the walls is too much for you, then you might want to settle for patterned bed sheets, fabrics or even garlands.

pineapple wall decor


banana poster

fruity banana bean bag



Decorating with fruit might be fun, but as with everything, be careful not to overdo it and end up with a spoiled fruit salad. Sometimes a simple framed print is enough to bring the spirit of summer in or to create an exotic paradise in your kid’s room.

fruity wall decals

peachy parade

banana kids poster wall art

lay baby lay

watermelon wall decals

urban walls

lemon wall decals stickers


Who said fruits only belong in a bowl or on a plate?

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