Are you ready to start designing a nursery for your baby, but don’t know where to start? You might be focused on creating a visually pleasing room, but another aspect is equally important – creating an environment that helps the baby’s intellectual development. Exposing your newborn to brain-building stimuli nurtures growth, curiosity and development. Here are a few tips you might want to consider during the designing process.


Newborns can only see black and white, but between three and four months, they will see the full spectrum of colours. A few colourful details, such as cushions, soft toys or wall decorations can enhance eye coordination. But be careful, as too many bright or deep colours might overstimulate, so keep the general colour theme soft by using light earthy tones or pastel hues. You can also enhance eye coordination and your baby’s sense of curiosity by placing different shapes of decorative objects or toys.



As babies spend a lot of time lying on their backs, you might want to consider getting a playgym with fun toys that can help your babies senses of touch, sight and sound. Choose the hanging toys with different textures, shapes, colours and that make some noise when being pushed or squeezed.



Encourage your baby to explore the world through sound. Look for activity toys or mobiles that incorporate music or rattling sounds. You might even want to consider installing a cordless speaker system, so you can play relaxing or stimulating music to your baby. Did you know that playing Mozart stimulates brain development, improves IQ, and spurs creativity in babies?


White noise is an effective method for helping a baby fall asleep. It calms the baby as it sounds a little like the sounds your baby heard in the womb. Don’t play it too often though, so your baby can listen to the normal sound of the home too. You’ll find several machines with white noise on the market, and many are integrated in cute little plush toys.



Set up a space in the nursery where you can read or sing to your baby, thus encouraging communication and language skills. You’ll need  a comfy armchair or a rocking glider and place a bookshelf close to it. The lighting needs to be soft and within easy reach. A pouf or ottoman will be handy for tired feet.


You and your baby will spend a lot of time on the floor, during his ‘tummy-time’, so choose a rug that his soft to the skin, for both of you.


Too much stimuli can also distract your baby from falling asleep. So don’t forget to place practical storage in the nursery so you can easily tuck some toys away. Black-out curtains are also a very good idea to create an instant and dark space to help your baby’s brain retrieve from daily stimulation and to promote a healthy sleep routine.

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