When pom poms rose up again in the fashion and interior design industry a couple years ago, many thought that they were just a temporary trend and would die-down by the following year. Boy, were they wrong! Pom poms swept the market and in home decor shortly started appearing on everything from cushions, throws, curtains, garland and even baskets, because people just fell in love with them!

When it comes to kids’ rooms, pom poms have been around for much longer, but here too they have recently grown in popularity. As the cool greys we were used to seeing in nurseries begin to shift towards brighter and more vivacious colours, these cute pom poms came in handy, helping our kids’ interiors evolve into more cheerful and bright spaces! As you’ll see pom poms can do an amazing job at bringing colour and whimsy to the kid’s room while adding a touch of lightheartedness and pure fun to ordinary items. They also radiate a crafty feel, even when they aren’t handmade which adds personality to the place as well.

In one word, pom poms are cool items to have in a kids’ space! Not to mention how practical they are! It’s a risk-free, budget-friendly investment since you won’t be required to paint the room, get new fabrics or cushions etc. to bring colour and texture in. You can even have fun in creating them by yourself or with your little one.

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Pom poms can be placed on almost anything! They look great on textiles such as pillows, throws and curtains, and can help you carry in a touch of boho-chic to the room as well. They can also be used to add character to a toy basket, rug or lamp shade.


A single oversized pom poms can make a bold statement in the kid’s room! Hang them from the ceiling individually like giant snowflakes or group them and create a colourful eye-candy bundle above kids’ heads.




Pom pom garlands come in every colour and size you can imaginable, and are easy to hang and hard to break! Go ahead and string them up across the play area, bed or crib to make it more cheerful and appealing for the young ones’. They can also be applied on window frames, doorways and used to drape bed heads and house beds. Mix and match them with the room’s colour scheme and other decor pieces or opt for a multi-coloured combo and bring an all-year festive feel to the kid’s room. You can also lights that look like pompom garlands.







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