These shapeshifting room designs share a common theme. Despite their different palettes, themes, and dimensions, they all incorporate circles in their composition. Sometimes a mirror or a piece of wall art; perhaps a rug here or there. Sometimes it’s an occasional, transitory piece easily moved while in others, it’s a more permanent architectural fixture or mural. Either way, this early introduction to geometry through interior design is both genius and genial. It’s also addictive. See how many circles and spheres you can spot in each room – there are more than first meet the eye.


Here it’s a circular jute rug that first grabs the attention in this fawn fairy tale of a bedroom. Not one circle but a whole collection literally woven into the inner and outer circles. If circle layering is a thing, it lives right here in this clever floor-covering concoction. Who would have thought of placing the polar opposite of the soft, quilted floral print playmat in the centre of the tough, textured roped rug? Agata did, and she should be commended for it. The wheels of this circular theme keep turning in the wicker pram, the spherical bed knobs and even in the lofty hot air balloons.


There’s a childlike air of blowing bubbles in Adela’s contemporary kid’s room. Uber Circle wall decals are the main culprit for the magic here, though those arches are definitely trying to steal the show. The pastel palette is punctuated with a couple of stronger bursts of delicious cinnamon and caramel, and the circular theme is carried through to an avant-garde circular totem nightstand. A lilac framed mirror puts the final stamp on this perfect creation between geometry and minimalism.


Hang out the bunting. This bright and cheerful room must be celebrated for its uplifting brilliance and sunny disposition. Talking of which, we just love the combination of the delicate pink panelling with that stunning ochre sunrise. There’s a little semi-circular fun going on in a trio of rainbows, but it’s Lorna’s juicy Watermelon print that sates the circular appetite for us. Mouth-watering, majestic, and simply marvellous.


Magnificently moody. That’s how we feel about this earthy-toned, safari-scaped room. Before the quest for circular inspiration begins, our attention is seized by the wonderful collection of stripes and checks running through bedlinen, cushions, cylindrical storage and toy bags. There’s an entire geometry lesson going on here – even a spot of fractions in the two-tone rug, beautifully mirrored by a personalised sun print taking pride of place on that mighty mustard wall.


Let’s take a Shelfie! Practicality and beauty create pure magic in this round hanging shelf. It didn’t really need an introduction, but it makes one anyway with a super-cute ‘hello’ wire word from @heykiddostudio Neutral bliss comes to the fore in this most tranquil play corner. House decals by @mursclairs depict an imaginary city, perfectly placed above the Victorian Dollhouse by @plantoysuk. On the other side of town there’s ample opportunity for self-development with a shapes and numbers lesson delivered oh so stylishly on hanging banners.


This super-scalloped, pom-pom adorned dream of a room needs no reflection whatsoever. A delicate floral boho mirror sets the circular theme in motion before the retro phone dials in with its contribution. Polka dot bedding joins the party with a whole lot of spotted fun. Even the magical gold-sequinned cape gets in on the act with its mini pom-pom trim. Normal is boring indeed, so says the multicoloured wall hanging.


Minimal, futuristic and the absolute epitome of ‘less is more’. That’s how we feel about this uber-cool kids’ bedroom design and its chalky palette of fern, terracotta, and mustard. Again, our eyes first focused on the circular lookout in the modular sleeper and its matching drawer handles. We zoned in on the round seat pads of the ultra-modern chairs and the pleasingly simple form of the wall light and ceiling pendant. Only then, when we recovered from our gasps and stood back from this beauty, did we notice the mono polka dot bedding with its proliferation of the most-loved childhood shape.


A bevy of bubbled lights put the spotlight on this spectacular seat snug in the most perfect of Serengeti-inspired wonder. The dappled background could represent the globe, a patchy night sky, the sun-scorched clay of an arid desert, or even a sun saluting the dawn of the day. Surely that’s the whole point of this sweet seat of contemplation? The perfect place to lounge, dwell, escape and pontificate about the wonders of the universe.

Is it an entire room built inside a circular alcove, accessed by a little hop, skip, and a jump on the perfectly placed couch? Or a cunning optical illusion delivered by a giant circular mirror. Whichever it is, it gets our vote for supreme styling and the inclusion of a little more geometric form and fun within its circumference.

A little bit of mirroring in interior design can go a long way, as demonstrated here in this impressive house bed and ceiling pendant combo. It’s almost as if the oversized hanging sphere has been taken out of the back wall to create that huge light-filled aperture. Sometimes the simplest ideas create the most impact.


Could there be a more emblematic representation of the circle? This shared boy’s bedroom takes bedtimes to outer space with a fabulously detailed moon mural.  A starry sky backdrop creates a magical atmosphere in the room, facilitating dreams of space travel and adventure. We love how the creator echoes the moon in the statement rug, ceiling pendant, and even in those playful closet doorknobs.

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