Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow? Or so the famous nursery rhyme goes. Well, for some, the garden grows right within the four walls of their exquisitely styled bedrooms and play spaces and why ever not? Kids’ rooms with garden inspiration allow virtual adventures in lush meadows, magical forests and fields of dancing sunflowers. There’s no fear of brambles and nettle stings nor hayfever and inclement weather. Botanical bedrooms might not replace the real-life magic of the great outdoors, but they’re a fabulous way to let nature in, fuelling development and discovery in a safe and cosy space.

We hope you enjoy these twelve heavenly, horticultural havens. Breathe in the imaginary fragrance, stroll through pretty pastures and unveil ideas and inspiration for your next kids’ room project.


There’s a boho air about this beautiful nursery filled with oversized summer blooms in peach pastels, delicate pink and marvellous mustard. You can almost smell the sweet fragrance of the swaying petals. Such a wonderful vista from the comfort of that delightful nursing rocker. A handful of delicate potted plants bolster the horticultural vibe.


Flower power bursts into this pretty room courtesy of Turtle and Wombat’s Vintage Floral wallpaper. It’s a fresh bouquet in a retro palette and reminds us of holidays in the country with the grandparents. Colour is abundant, but there’s still neutrality that allows Marta Abad Blay’s Mia to walk into the scene without trouble. In her Wellington boots, she seems purposefully bound for the garden of blooms. The pink-tinged roses have a three-dimensional quality that makes them appear to lean out of the feature wall.


The colour palette in Kaia’s nursery has an almost metallic appearance partly due to the mulberry silk cot slip in blush from @silkytots. It casts a shimmer over the wooden cot bars giving them a rose gold sheen. Then there are those majestic decals by @littleraeprints creating a sunflower field to shroud the cot in a dreamy glow of warmth. There’s no need to roam in Tuscany’s Girasole pastures to feel the beauty of this shiny, happy flower.


Autumnal spirit abounds in this cosy room. There’s an essence of woodland in the earthy colour palette of teal and chocolate, tan and toffee with a measured dose of milky cream. The feature wall boasts wild flora and fauna with a delicate pop of pink petals, attracting a flutter of butterflies. Layers of bed linen and a deep mocha canopy add an outdoorsy vibe. It’s a space for make-believe camping adventures and fireside bedtime stories.


The stunning Quinn wall mural by Munks and Me brings the outside in with a virtual trek through nature. Blush, peach and muted greens combine with natural furniture to create a soothing and neutral nursery. We love the clash of poppies on the changing mat and a utility basket of diapers that could equally be used for picking flowers in the forest.


Channel your imagination, and this twinning of vintage style beds could be out in the open in a lush garden of ferns, foliage and watercolour poppies. The vinyl textured paper is Pink Flowers by Muralia Papel, a heavenly combination with creamy gold and peachy terracotta bedsheets. We love the depth created by the uncoloured pencil-drawn layer, and the delicate blue butterflies hovering above are a divine detail.


Fluffy Flowers is our nickname for this beautiful girls’ room, boasting a feature wall of minty pink blooms by Betty Wall Murals and a faux fur chair of dreams. The pastel palette is dainty, but there’s no doubt this floral arrangement of watercolour, pink corn poppy flowers has a lasting impact. It’s a magical oasis of femininity with texture aplenty. The Monique Lhullier blush tulle bed skirt mimics butterflies resting on a hedgerow, and a pale aqua rug could be a patch of grass in this magical fairytale garden room.


Perth-based Laura knows how to bring the posy with panache. This particular outdoors in look is attained with the expert application of “I Dream of Genie” wallpaper mural by Minnie and Me Interiors. The original illustration was created by @celestecclark, a self-confessed botanical soul, and its pale grey background sets the scene for a larger-than-life collection of blooms, petals and fruit. It’s a vibrant-vase-of-flowers accent wall complemented by a butterscotch velvet petal cushion by @kipandco. A tiny sprig of blossom on the nightstand is the finishing touch in this picture-perfect scene from nature.


This shared girls’ room screams Secret Garden with its Enchanted Garden mural by @kokoartshop. The faded palette leads to a magical vintage quality that fits this scene and all that it conjures perfectly. The upcycled doll’s house could be hidden in this meandering meadow of rambling plants and florae. It’s romantic, pretty, soothing and girly – the stuff childhood dreams are made of.


The creators of this arresting accent wall describe it as an array of dusty mauve, royal blue, tamed greens and ruby reds. Why would we try to rewrite it when @newalldecor capture the essence of their fall-spirited floral statement mural so perfectly? Scarlett’s the name, and if you want to bring the garden into your kids’ room with some serious gravitas, this is the way. With an explosion of colour and blooms like these, the rest of the nursery can afford to remain neutral. Still, Mamabirdd Kailey opts for a complimentary peach blanket and a splash of tangerine cushion to complete this nature-inspired look.


Garden themed rooms are not necessarily all about the flowers, as stylist and creator, Stephanie, demonstrates in this peach pink girls’ boudoir. Hand-painted anemones by Blond + Noir for Minnie and Me Interiors might loom large on the Vivienne wallpaper, but they’re matched in number by a plethora of warm, pastel-toned rainbows. We love how this theme of blooms and rainbows is solidified in the door of the rattan Daisy cupboard from @poppyslittletreasures. The decal might declare, ‘oh, baby it’s a wild world’, but Amelia’s room is a charming fixture within that.

It’s a walk in the meadow in this sweet little girl’s room with daisy flowers from the French wallpaper brand Lilipinso. So fresh and cute!

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