Green is associated with nature and therefore creates a serene and calm environment for children. It can even increase reading ability according to some psychological studies as it has a soothing effect and therefore enables children to concentrate better.

This crisp green and white boy’s room has been designed by Jessica Bouvy, an interior stylist from the Netherlands. The custom-made bed has just one painted side painted in a bold forest green which makes the whole room so special. The final touch with the little green dinosaur is totally charming!

Another dutch interior stylist, Maaike Koster also appreciates the crisp and healthy look that green promotes in a boysroom. Her style is minimalistic with alot of white but she always knows how to make a room stand out with great colours in the right doses. The deer poster is made by her and are perfect for kids’ rooms. You can find them on her website My Deer Artshop and admire her other interiors and receive styling advice.

Don’t be afraid of mixing greens, even if they are in totally different tones. After all, nature also has so many different greens so why wouldn’t it look inside too?

A good idea is to paint only the bottom part of the wall if it’s quite dark green therefore allowing brightness and interesting visual divisions.

The nature in this boysroom is conducted through several elements such as the TeePee Kids Trundle Bed from Domayne, animal walldecor, forest print on the pillow and the green on the rug, bedding and the Lego storage boxes.

Green is also associated with the woodlands and therefore adding a wildlife animal walldecor and large checks as you find in tradional the woodland cabins and houses works perfectly.

In this boysroom, the floor has been painted green which is quite unusual but a fantastic idea as the little boy will feel as he is playing outside all the time on the grass..

Don’t you think green in a boysroom is a good choice, especially if you live in the city?

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