Birds are nature’s most brilliant songwriters and singers. They fill our world with beautiful melodies, happiness and peace, which makes them a perfect theme for kids’ bedrooms and nurseries. Let’s fly around, explore some ideas and find out the best way to invite birds into little ones’ nests and make kids chirp with joy.

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Birds, with their rich colours and shapes, bring a unique charm to any room they fly in. The most effective way to draw them in your kid’s room is not with bird seed, but by offering them a place on the walls. Choose from a variety of wallpapers and wall decals featuring branches, strings and nests and the room will soon be filled with little bird’s cheep.

Due to their diversity, birds are a perfect fit for both minimalistic and busy environments. Add them in a repeating pattern across the entire wall or create a unique eye-catching statement piece such as branches bursting with colourful flock. To achieve a lush forest or a tropical vibe, don’t stop at just a few branches. Go bold and bring the whole ecosystem inside.

But birds don’t just sit in trees all day long, they are diligent animals! To create a more realistic atmosphere, depict them in motion, soaring through the room. And unlike with other animals, you can even choose to adorn the ceiling with the singing crowd.

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Bird cages can serve as interesting accessories and can have a bunch of other functions besides the main one. In other words, they are not just for birds. Certainly, one of the most interesting and creative ways to make use of bird cages includes converting them into light fixtures. No bird lover would refuse having such piece hanging from a ceiling or illuminating a reading corner. To spruce things up a notch, decorate the cage with tiny colourful ornamental birds. And if you are a fan of the rustic ambience, keep the cage more or less in the original shape. After all, a bird in a cage is not half a bird.

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Other than the coo coo clock, these cute little birds’ residences can also be turned into all sorts of fun and unique decor pieces. Like the bird cage, a bird house can be used as an eye catching source of light. Lighting up the whole room this way can be tricky, but if you are in for some accent lighting, look no further. A bird house with a small LED inside can be an excellent source of mood lighting in both kids’ rooms and nurseries.

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Ever thought of a birdhouse as a shelf? Well, besides the sparrow and woodpecker, the birdhouse can be a home for your kid’s books and toys. But who says it has to have practical use at all? Added as a simple decorative piece, a birdhouse will provide a much needed depth to the wallpapers we mentioned earlier.

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Probably the most fun part of the bird themed room is that it can all be a big DIY project you can do with your kids! Anyone can make a bird house with a couple of pieces of wood, some glue, paint and a few tools. And with an ordinary birdcage and a bit of creativity, you can do wonders!

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