A growing trend towards all things sustainable makes earthy brown palettes a perfect way to connect to nature. Some mistakenly dismiss this wholesome hue as bland and uninspiring, but it’s a colour that gained serious momentum in interior circles in 2020. You may recall we predicted it as one of the hot nursery trends to watch out for in 2021? It’s an all-encompassing shade which makes it incredibly versatile, so it’s great for kids’ rooms and interiors too. Brown is back, and it deserves a second look.

Not since the retro splendour of the 70s has this colour been so coveted, but this time around it’s making friends with new shades on the spectrum. Don’t be surprised to see it teaming up with teal, buddying up with blush, stepping out with sage or going steady with gold. Despite these new and daring partnering’s, it will forever be at home with its neutral companions – chalky, antique whites and creams, hessian, mocha and wintery, flinty greys.

Brown’s earthy tones are grounding and bring a balance to kids’ rooms that are both comforting and stabilising. There’s a rich quality that oozes depth, and even the colour charts’ descriptions confirm the delicious, mouth-watering essence of this sought-after colour.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. We’re dreaming of toffee, cinnamon, cappuccino, chocolate and caramel – a delectable colour palette that offers so much promise and a sweet treat for appetising little havens.

brown kids bedding with rainbows


Bibelotte’s Sea Breeze wallpaper in stone makes waves in this adorable boy’s room with an occasional indigo swell breaking the pattern. A collection of rattan pieces, woven baskets and a natural woven rug by Xenos.nl root this room in nature. The mix and match of Bibelotte’s Dawn and Deep in The Sea bedlinen are inspired. Oh, we do like to be beside the seaside!

kids bedding with checks


Chocolate and mocha check in to Tatum Jace’s room, bringing a brandy snap biscuit coloured cushion as a side order. A neutral white-panelled wall and putty-coloured carpet ensure the focus stays on the bed. It’s a simple but stylish look but one that could easily work for a toddler or teen.

brown wallpaper for baby nursery


Welcome to Jacob’s nature-inspired room whose walls are adorned with British illustrator, Katie Scott’s Animal wallpaper in toffee. The birds, bugs and beast’s wallcovering for Ferm Living create the drama with everything else designed for a balanced composure. A mustard and yellow gold tepee by Numero 74 complete the explorer vibe along with a natural wood-panelled wall and a touch of bronze drapery courtesy of @cyrillusofficial. Miffy can rest easy on the mini wooden chair, safe among the static wildlife.

Jacob even got the colour memo!

boys rooms with brown


Walnut and oak bring the brown to this sage-infused boy’s room. We love the vintage feel amplified by the distressed metal bedframe and retro chocolate concertina wall lamp. A lick of caramel pillow lightens this studious dwelling.

boy nursery with brown


Colour-blocked Tranquil Dawn by Dulux offers a soothing backdrop in this period property’s boy’s room. The nursery’s design commenced before Fliss knew she was having a boy, so the neutrality was intentional, but we still adore how flashes of colour are introduced in the gorgeous formation of @Printberrykids framed artwork. A snap of ginger in the soft furnishings and a velvety damson chocolate throw introduces an elegant touch of brown.

kids rooms with brown


Tonal texture everywhere results in a relaxing boy’s bedroom full of cosy vibes. ‘Less is more’ was almost certainly the brief here, but the impact isn’t diminished one bit. Merilou’s Marty wall pendant swoops in with his coffee-coloured wings threatening to upstage the amber moon cushion by @playatslaep.

brown dinosaur walllpaper for kids


Roaming dinosaurs and desert cacti on Sian Zeng’s Classic Dino wallpaper deliver earthy in the literal and tonal sense. Nohr’s bedroom is a delightful space perfectly partitioned to denote dedicated sleep and study spaces. We’re not afraid to admit we love a macrame garland and this cascade of brown rainbows by @minisfaere is definitely bringing a childlike joy to this stunning boy’s bedroom.

brown and white boy's room


Those tawny pyjama clad legs tell us all we need to know about this pecan perfection of a bedroom. It’s a joy to behold! Just looking at this picture makes us think of a delicious caramel latte just waiting to be devoured. The composition of this bedroom is exquisite. An abundance of white wood in a charming picket fence ensemble represents the peaceful living we associate with sleepy, suburban neighbourhoods. The syrupy tones of the wainscoted walls channel waffle ice cream cones laden with Cornish vanilla ice cream. It’s the stuff of childhood dreams.

brown wall paint in baby nursery


Gold and brown combine to create a harmonious boy’s nursery.  The Haute chocolate colour blocked paint job frames the natural wooden crib beautifully. Milky latte roads on the transport rug by HM Home complement the ‘down with brown’ décor approach, and a cascade of custard canopy completes the minimal scene.

boys rooms with brown


Roaring into pole position is this wonderful boy’s room brimming with browns and neutrals. It’s a room that redefines childhood with its classic schoolroom poster of prehistoric beasts, framed architectural drawing of a fire truck and a rug made for Matchbox car pursuits. There’s plenty of childish charm, but there’s also an ageless design that wouldn’t be amiss in a teenager’s room. How adorable is the tiered macrame wall hanging by @theknottymama, just like a tasty café con miel with its distinctive three layers?

brown and white striped wallpaper kids room


Once your eyes have adjusted to the mustard stripes of Ferm Living’s Thin Lines wallpaper, you will witness the natural beauty of this room. Bare wooden floorboards and untreated furniture keep the canvas clear for the detail. Scalloped bunting in teal, cinnamon and ivory, a sepia-tinged Mrs Mighetto print and a gingerbread shell cushion. There’s something about the two-toned rug and ‘juggling ball’ pillows that conjures up the circus and all its associated entertainment.

childrens rooms with brown


We get a distinct Moroccan vibe from Lena’s cosy home-styled boy’s room. Perhaps it’s the ornate bedstead coupled with the magical mustard canopy – perfect for bedtime escapades and imaginative night-time adventures. The Oyoy Living Design’s rainbow wall hanging that brings all the browns to the bedroom – toffee, putty, latte and malted milk allow the grey family’s friendly flint to gate crash the slumber party.

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