As late summer meanders into early autumn, it’s time to turn little minds back to learning, so let’s do some homework on our working spaces and study areas. There’s a solution for every budding little student and every home, regardless of size and style preferences. Whether you’re home-schooling or looking for a creative space to expand the mind outside of school, this collection of twelve rooms receives top marks from us on design execution and inspiration. From rustic schoolhouse charm and educational eclecticism to disco-inspired, contemporary vibes, these examples graduate with first-class honours and go straight to the top of the class. Maybe they’ll inspire your next room makeover.


This spooky study area is perfect for Halloween lovers and for easing into the Autumn. A touch of colour blocking in Yellow-Pink by @littlegreenepaintcompany creates a neat canvas for some rather spooktacular artwork by @lornafreytag and @miniwilla

There’s so much to admire in this treasure trove of trinkets that we’re not sure we’d get that much studying done. We love all of the captivating detail – particularly that hand-printed grey wolf headdress by @animalesque


Looking for an inspiring study area to help your little one spread their wings? Then look no further than this pastel-perfect oasis of calm with its mix of orderly panelling and fluid, painted leafy illustrations. There’s a real sense of order in this compact space with bespoke monogrammed under-desk storage cubes on castors and an impressive array of pens, pencils and stationery in a bespoke desk caddy.

We love the pairing of the rattan butterfly chair and the mirror, a subtle nod to the metamorphosis taking place.


This disco-themed girl’s study set-up is electric. Neon lights and a pop of yellow add a touch of sass to this otherwise tranquil design. Out of shot is a giant mirrored disco ball and a rather spectacular illustrated city-scape wallpaper in candy pink. Geometric print curtains bring more glamour to this uber-grown-up office area with a design ethos that wouldn’t look out of place in a 5-star hotel powder room. If this is what studying looks like, we’re all in!


Deliberating over paint colours? Green is well-documented as a colour with calming qualities, making it the perfect choice for home offices and study rooms. Promoting security and relieving stress, it creates the optimum conditions for focus. There’s a reason they call it sage! A vintage chair provides an injection of schoolhouse charm and a wonderful contrast against the sleek lines of the modern, white desk. Jaunty twine and a set of wooden pegs offer a cost-effective art installation and a collection of study buddies to boot.


In the designer Natalia’s own words, ‘A place for creativity is a place for inspiration.’

Study spaces don’t come much brighter and breezier than this bijou, bespoke elements-themed desk area. Clouds and sunshine collude to provide a sunny outlook on all things learning.


Sheer tab top curtains from Ikea let the natural light flood into this fun study space and directly onto the brilliant white Brooklyn desk by @oeufnyc

There’s an important message in that framed print by@oh.eight.oh.nine. Making mess is not only the best way to make memories, but it’s the best way to learn. There’s a great balance of neutrality and colour in this room. We’re big fans of those upcycled IKEA stools and that cavernous leather storage tub from @potterybarnaus.


Keep furniture neutral and stick to one strong paint colour, and you have full permission to accessorise to your heart’s content. Here, the creator has opted for a cosmic classroom designed to send study to stratospheric levels.  We love the perpetual calendar by @moon.picnic `and the framed astronaut print by


Who said learning had to be all work and no play? This pirate shark desk by @cilekodasi is enough to make waves at work time with its rolling eyes and illuminated teeth. The matching leather pirate chair is from the same range and lends a grown-up feel to this fun-filled space. Elsewhere in this ocean-inspired study, there are more travel cues: fishermen’s netting, a vintage-inspired globe and a pirate ship steering wheel. The styling is impeccable!


Art and literature are the order of the day in this creative little monochrome meets colour bomb corner. An upcycled old-school desk gets a new lease of life with a lick of blue, while texture plays a starring role in layered floor coverings and a two-tone woven basket. If you undress the room, you’ll note all of the colour is introduced through the furniture and dressings. It’s a fantastic case study for versatility and adaptability. A swift change of books on the shelf and a switch of soft furnishings, and the space would be transformed again.


Simplicity is the key in this homeschooled nook of Marlena’s home, yet style still looms large. IKEA’s BEKVÄM spice rack comes to the fore as a pair of handy bookshelves with apt reading material that lets this pupil know that learning is not limited by location. A vintage school desk lends a little vibe of the traditional schoolroom, while a duo of Maileg metal suitcases provides a sense of travel without the need to go anywhere. It’s a beautiful contemplative spot, but the real hero here is that fabulous mineralogie poster from @conscious_craft


The nature-nurture debate looms large in this sweet little study area of Jesse’s room with Jungle Massive wallpaper by @wild_hearts_wonder setting the scene for learning adventures. The smooth contours of this modern desk and chair from @booricollections offer a softer design perspective that sits easily against the dominant dark colours of the stained wooden floor and deep teal paintwork. The natural theme is echoed outside, with a little wild greenery visible through the adjacent window. We do love a study spot with a vista of the world outside, offering periods of welcome respite from studies.


For some, big thinking requires big open spaces. If you’re lucky enough to have a generously proportioned room, a modular storage solution is your new best friend. This particular example is the Build-Your-Own Ziggy Wall System with an integrated desk. Learning materials and toys can be kept in check and ordered, leaving a blank canvas to optimise concentration. Colour has been used to great effect with a palette of largely soft pastels and a liberal sprinkling of mindful mustard, while abstract and geometric art opens the mind to interpretation and contemplation.

They say a tidy house is a tidy mind, and this spectacular study space is living proof.

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